June 11, 2014

Exalted Jupiter In Cancer: Expansion Details For the Coming Year.


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The hype around Jupiter’s exaltation in transit is growing.

There is much buzz, as there should be. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, wisdom, expansion and teaching is moving to its favorite sign, Cancer, for the next twelve months.

Many are declaring this is a powerful and positive year for all. And while I agree that the trend and overall feeling of this transit will be expansive, I temper my predictions.

The benevolence of Jupiter is well known, but he’s not a lovely supportive gentleman to everyone, and we must contend with the other transits effecting him simultaneously. It will in fact be a mixed bag, a year with some ups and downs as always. What the planets and their ever changing dance reminds us is that nothing in life is all good, nor all bad. There’s always a bit of both.

This is the universe maintaining its balance and giving us ample opportunity for personal growth.

When we expand too much, we must counter this with contracting. When we contract too much, we must learn to expand more.

This dance of open and close is wrapped up in the nature of Cancer, fourth house matters, the heart and breath—our life force. As Jupiter, the expansive planet, moves into Cancer, he offers us an opportunity to experience an increase in this expansive quality, whether it’s with heart, emotions, home matters, breath or other fourth house, Cancer related issues.

In other words, it will be an expansive year emotionally and it can offer more comfort and nourishment to many of us. It will also teaching quite clearly about our emotions and how to dance with them more effectively.

This expansive energy is tempered at times by aspects from Saturn (the planet of contraction, of slow growth, of grief and suffering). This aspect from Saturn asks us to cultivate a new relationship with our sense of balance, to find a new set-point for ourselves.

Saturn, for better or for worse, always has our best interests in mind, even if it doesn’t feel like it. If we pay attention to his ways, we can flow more smoothly in our lives. He will be protecting us from expanding too quickly or too much, so pay attention. Saturn is timing and timing is everything.

Jupiter moves into Cancer on June 18, 2014 at 20:23 CDT.

It will take a little over 12 months for him to move through this Cancer; he moves to Leo on July 13th of 2015. While in Cancer, Jupiter will experience openings and closings, forward motion and backward motion, and move through three different nakshatras. These will of course be occurring with other planetary transits going on and will interact with our own unique charts in a variety of ways.

Here’s the breakdown:

When Jupiter moves to Cancer on June 18th, he receives gaze (drishti) from a retrograde Saturn still transiting its sign of exaltation, Libra (in the Jaimini jyotish system, Saturn is considered debilitated as a result).

Here in Cancer, Jupiter will still be in Punarvasu nakshatra, ruled by Aditi, the mother of all goodness, who provides us with an understanding of unification and universal awareness. This nakshatra is also ruled by the planet Jupiter, so we get the sense of expansion here. And yet a weak Saturn is giving his scrutiny and watchful gaze to Jupiter as he moves into his “happy place.”

The result? We may not be feeling as joyful and expansive as we would like.

We will likely be re-tracing foundational steps still. Steps that are less about fun and opening to the “new” and more about what we “should” be doing, what is asked of us, and what our relationships are asking of us. This brings some guaranteed pressures and frustrations that will be the impetus for greater changes in the coming months.

On July 4, 2014 Jupiter moves to Pushya nakshatra.

This is where we really begin to explore the dynamics of expand/contract. (Use my Exalted Jupiter workshop in order to learn more about this dynamic). Pushya is ruled by both Brihaspati (another name for Jupiter, personified) and the planet Saturn. He is connected to nourishment and support, knowledge and wisdom so expect this to be a turning point in your Exalted Jupiter transit experience.

However, Jupiter will still be receiving drishti from a compromised Saturn at this time, yet the pressure from Saturn’s gaze lightens and gets more forward momentum once Saturn goes direct on July 20. His watchful gaze is present nonetheless, but we may begin to feel more hope for the future, more possibility and a greater sense of purpose when Saturn goes direct.

Rahu and Ketu Change Signs

Another lift might be felt as a result of Rahu and Ketu changing into Virgo and Pisces respectively on July 12. Rahu getting out of Saturn’s way, and out of Libra altogether, will lesson pressure, intensity and the stormy weather syndrome that has been plaguing so many of us as a result of the intense Rudra energy.

Look for my Rahu/Ketu article coming out soon.

From these new placements of Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, new gazes are given. Jupiter will gaze at Ketu and Ketu will gaze back to him (though technically Ketu can not give drishti because he has no head, I have found Ketu’s influence of gaze to give substantial effects).

Ketu is a “planet” of moksha, liberation, cutting our attachments and asking us to let go of what we are holding on to. Jupiter is a planet of wisdom, the guru, or teacher, and asks us to expand our ideas and he pushes us towards growth.

Jupiter will be giving his gaze to Ketu in Pisces, a sign that he rules, so we will be letting go, finding endings and cutting chords with wisdom and growth in mind.

Letting go of relationships, and our attachments to them, will be a central theme. Many of us may feel like we have awoken from a great slumber during the coming months as we suddenly realize where we are overly attached, clinging, not clear with boundaries and needs, and possibly giving too much to others while neglecting ourselves.

There is nourishment here, but we must work to get the comfort and support. Ketu strips away the veils of our illusion, but at least Jupiter’s gaze insures that we can receive some awareness (and some level of comfort in that awareness) as a result.

When Jupiter moves to Ashlesha nakshatra on September 3, our serpent energy is enlivened as well as the planet Mercury.

Mercury will be exalted in Virgo at this time and Rahu will be there as well. Some may feel mental confusion and overwhelm during the greater part of September, others will benefit from monetary wealth and support as well as a bit more notoriety. We all may be feeling some or all of these things. Tending to the mental body at this time will be paramount as it will likely be out of control and imbalanced.


Saturn Moves to Scorpio

As Saturn moves into Scorpio on November 2, his drishti on Jupiter ends and the roles reverse; Jupiter gets to give his gaze to Saturn now. Finally, we may begin to take a long, deep breath, expand and grow with more leaps and bounds.

A sense of opening may be felt, some new shift and guaranteed changes are here for each of us.

The movement of Saturn into Scorpio is a powerful transit in and of itself, and will carry with it a deeply transformational current of change. Change that come from our depths; a new structure that removes our masks, our shadows, our vulnerabilities.

Scorpio is the ultimate sign known for darkness, depth, mystery and deaths of all kind. You can read more about Scorpio and the 8th house in my How to Love a Scorpio article. Scorpio, however, is the sign that Moon is debilitated in and so we must realize that part of the structure, or construction/deconstruction, taking place for the 2.5 years of this next transit, will be centered around the emotions.

Since Jupiter will be transiting the seat of emotions (Cancer), expect emotional work to be enlivened for the rest of the Jupiter transit as a result of Saturn’s new home. This is perhaps where our greatest emotional work of this cycle really begins and intensifies.

But before you bristle, remember that Jupiter is guiding us with wisdom and support. We will get our needs met if we are truly open and receptive to it.

Jupiter Goes Retrograde

The openings felt in November take a turn in December. The inner emotional changes intensify as Jupiter begins his retrograde dance on December 8. In the Jaimini system of Jyotish, an exalted planet in retrograde motion is considered debilitated and weakened. It is acting like a node (Rahu and Ketu) in its expression.

Only the nodes move in reverse all the time—against the grain of the other planets. In this period from December 8, 2014 to April 8, 2015, we will be asked to go over old territory, old ground, re-trace old steps and patterns, find new ways of emoting, expressing and working with our hearts.

The retrograde cycles always give us an opportunity to catch what we’ve been missing, check in for deeper inquiry, and to strengthen our ability to make more lasting changes within our behaviors. These “clean up” cycles are thus necessary and vital for greater, and more powerful, movement forward.

A weakened, debilitated Jupiter, however, will have effects on our spirits.

The expansion energy will be tested once again, but in a different way. Retrograde Jupiter will call upon us to re-evaluate our alignments, our desires, our push to expand. It is an opportunity to re-align with our core purpose, what drives us and aligns more holistically with our soul’s calling.

If you’ve let the expansion energy get the best of you, to override your inner wisdom, this will be the time of change you will need to re-center. This debilitation of Jupiter will come during winter, the silent season in the Northern Hemisphere, and can be a time of moving inward more consciously.

The final three weeks of Jupiter’s retrograde dance will include a retrograde Saturn simultaneously. Talk about a time of inner reflection and finding new ways of being, new patterns, and new structures within our existence!

For most of us, this time period will ask us to do some very intense work on our physical and emotional bodies simultaneously. Staying grounded and getting embodied will be absolutely crucial. Make sure to check in with me for a virtual workshop at this time.

Jupiter’s retrograde dance will be entirely within Ashlesha nakshatra.

As mentioned above, this enlivens serpent energy, Sarpa, as well as Mercury (mental body). We are guaranteed a powerful inner dance with the mental body during this time frame, one that helps us to actively and consciously work on our serpent energy—the pieces that are gripping us.

Serpent energy can be connected to cravings, insatiable worldly appetites, illusions of all kinds, deceptions, and the trappings of Rahu. Sarpa can help us work on our addictions, our bad habits ingrained in our minds, and removal of toxicity.

This may be a good cycle to get assistance from a shaman or healing modalities that can help remove demons. Use the debilitation of Jupiter to work diligently on the shadowed mind and mental body themes that are your defaults, your crutch. This will be a time where we get to re-work the mind and unravel some shadowed perceptions. 


Once Jupiter goes direct on April 8, he finishes out his Cancer cycle in a forward moving fashion. The final three and half months of this year long transit are in Ashlesha nakshatra. The themes central to Sarpa, Mercury and the mental body carry us through to the end of Jupiter’s exaltation.

Overall, this Jupiter cycle through Cancer is about working through our emotional limitations.

Are we resisting our emotional work? Bypassing the depth of our emotions? Keeping our heart closed or too open and vulnerable? What are we opening to and closing to?

These universal themes will be enlivened for each of us in very unique ways depending on our natal charts and individual mythologies. Working with creativity, embodiment and healing modalities that offer a spectrum of guidance will be most effective. Seek out high levels of knowledge and wisdom this year, it will be ripe and ready to eat, and likely you will realize you are ravenous for it!

Life Themes for Exalted Jupiter

So what are these themes that may show up for you based on your jyotish rising sign? Here’s a rundown by sign of the messages, issues and areas of life that will be enlivened during this Exalted Jupiter in Cancer transit.

*These tendencies are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Heart and home matters swell and find a new rhythm. Tend to emotions and feelings, self expression and issues with loss, endings and letting go. Moksha and liberation are central themes, while the necessity of looking into the past, old wounds, and your hidden realms, are paramount. Relationships play a central role for you in this Jupiter cycle and they also play a crucial role in your emotional work.

It will be a year of increased courage and creativity. Ask for support and communicate effectively. Tend to the needs of your parents if necessary and prepare for greater wisdom and knowledge to come from teachers, gurus and guides. Relationships in general will be showing you a lot about your Self, so be available for the hidden messages. Friendships, partners and work connections will help you unravel parts of your self that you’ve been neglecting and denying. Welcome in the dark and light.

Gemini: Self expression is a strong theme for the coming year. Speak, share and don’t hold back. Communicate what you need effectively, share your emotions, get clear on boundaries. Nourish yourself and absorb the nutrients coming to you. Watch your diet and avoid excess food, sweets, dairy. Your emotional work directly impacts how far you get ahead in this cycle. Don’t bypass the pain, use it effectively to inform your process.

Self awareness and expansion of what you see possible for your Self is a central theme. Expand your hopes and dreams and go for increased knowledge and wisdom. Work with your child-like senses and passions. Grow in your Self by lightening your load. Do so by releasing your attachments—especially regarding relationships. This comes with diligently tending to your emotional work and working with themes of loneliness and letting go. How much are you willing to transform?

Leo: Endings, letting go, loss and seclusion are themes for your coming year. Digesting and assimilating are part of the releasing process. Tend to heart and emotions and the resistance to feeling pain, sorrow and suffering. Negotiate boundaries effectively and look into shadows and the portal of the past to help you unravel your relationship with death and dying. This is a year of multiple transformations.

Virgo: Friends help support you and bring gains. Navigate relationships carefully so that you get your needs met. Conscious attention/intention on self expression and communication will help you build courage and greater support. Get romantic, sensual, playful and child-like. Digest, nourish and assimilate vital nutrients, knowledge and information in order to empower your self. Let relationships comfort and support you. Work on themes that surface around death and letting go.

Career takes center stage for you and more possibility arrives as a result. Income and comforts seem to wax and wane, though trust you are finding a new balance with how to sustain your self, while finding a new sense of your support. Likely you will notice your emotions directly impact your income, so it will behoove you to pay attention to your emotional needs. Listen to your gut, cut out bad habits, and step into a service role.

Scorpio: Teach, share, advise and listen to the wisdom that surrounds you. Gurus, teachers and guides usher you forward. Grow in passion, child-like wisdom and playfulness. Get romantic and explore your sensuality. Expand what is possible for your self and share your expansiveness with others. Tend to your father. Your emotional work, as always, is central to the depth of your harvesting. Ride the waves.

Sagittarius: Transformations are the central theme for this cycle. Losses, letting go, endings and death, bring vital information for your journey. The best way to receive the comfort you need will be to get very clear on what nourishes and supports you. Consciously being present to your emotions, pains and struggles, without negating them or covering them up, is crucial for your liberation process. Get good at asking for help when you need it.

Relationships dominate your focus and attention. Who and what is getting your time and energy? Boundaries are an important part of this conversation so that you aren’t giving your self away unconsciously. Teach, share and advise and be creative and courageous in your offerings. Friend dynamics are a part of your relationship work. You will be learning a lot from them so pay attention. Don’t forget self care and tending to your inner needs.

Aquarius: Digestion and assimilation are crucial themes for your growth process this year. Nourish and absorb vital nutrients. Let go of bad habits and negative mental/emotional triggers—many of which are connected to losses and painful experiences of letting go from the past. Share your growth and depth with others. Heal and be healed. Give and receive comfort, nourishment and support. Personal needs and boundaries should be negotiated constantly.

Pisces: Passion and sensuality bring a wealth of information. Use child-like wonder for seeing your world in a new way. Seek new knowledge and wisdom through education, teachers, gurus and guides. Your expansion and personal growth is inevitable, but don’t get lazy and lackadaisical. Work with children and welcome them into your life. Explore loss and letting go, endings and shadow realms, in order for a deeper educational experience.

Wondering what the tendencies of exalted Jupiter and these other planetary changes will be for you? Schedule a yearly progression with me.

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