June 4, 2014

What We Need to Know (In 2 Words).

Be Prsent



There are thousands of spiritual texts and teachings—beautiful reflections of the Radiance. But, sometimes, we need it simple. Clear. Direct. How about two words?

Easier said than done on certain days.

What makes it easier?

The easy answer is conditions: it’s easier to be present on a perfect beach day, after a massage, when you’re with your beloved. Fair enough. But there’s a deeper answer. One that makes it possible to be present in a storm, after a bad meeting, when you’re stuck in traffic…when conditions aren’t smiling upon you.

In two other words: meditation practice.

By meditation practice, we mean that you sit and practice—daily.

As in every day.

It’s really not hard if you know how to develop your practice in a way that trains your neurology. In fact, it’s quite enjoyable (with an emphasis on the joy)!

It’s the daily, regular, joyful practice that brings those two words—be present—to life.


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