July 24, 2014

12 Reasons why Leos are Awesome.


It is that time again. Leo Time, July 23rd to August 22nd.

And speaking as a Leo, but not for all Leos, it seems like a fun idea to write about how fabulously awesome Leo’s are. Seriously though, finding a Leo who disagrees with anything written here would be unthinkable.

Please bear in mind, there are other aspects to sun-centric astrology that influence the traits of the sun sign. You may not find Leo’s as awesome as I do, and you are welcome to disagree with anything written. Any nay-sayers just need to be warned, a Leo horde might have to come along and eat you whole.

Leos are loving.

We are the sun-sign of the zodiac, and like the sun, we radiate. Light, warmth, caring, interest, happiness and joy are natural Leo traits. At least, on the good days. When we get cranky, we are extra cranky. However, it is just a matter of time before we come back around.

We are naturally loving, Love is what a Leo is.

Leos are loyal.

Once a Leo makes a connection, it lasts. However, it must be a real connection that goes to the heart. Family and tribe thrive with Leo energy. Reaching the stage of commitment and loyalty may take some time, once the seed is planted it will grow in the presence of love, attention and recognition.

Leos are affectionate.

Purr. Leos love touch and being touched. We are sensual beings and express our love best through physical connection. Hugs, kisses and caresses are natural for us. And we love receiving. One of the fastest ways to have a Leo pay attention is to touch them.

Leos are proud.

While pride comes before a downfall, there is a great deal of value in pride. We stand up. We show up. We will speak out against injustice. We will affirm those who feel down, because for us, pride is strength. We cannot stand people who have no self-value.

We are also proud for others and their triumphs, victories and successes. We acknowledge and value the proud, for they know their worth. Unfortunately, we can go overboard with pride and it gets our tails caught in the door more than once.

Leo’s are passionate.

Yes, we are sexually passionate. And more. What I mean by passionate is that we love life. We are bombastic, expressive. Loud, outspoken, and wild. When a Leo finds their passion for life, watch that person shine and rise. Passion is our bread and butter.

Leos are courageous.

Leo is a sign of leadership. We don’t necessarily have the greatest leadership qualities, our pride and stubbornness are detrimental to true leadership. We are leaders because we are often times in front of the crowd charging towards a vision. That courage can get us into trouble. And when it does, we are glad for it, because we showed up. When we learn social skills, like listening, we become authentic leaders and empowered to vivify any endeavor, team or group.

Leos are devoted.

Once our heart is awakened, the love and loyalty we feel becomes devotion. A devoted Leo will walk through hell to serve their family, tribe and world. A devotional Leo is empowered to transform the world. Combining love and service is powerful for any of the signs, for a Leo it is essential for our happiness and fulfillment of life.

Leos are visionary.

We see the dream and act to manifest it. We can be pretty impractical in this way, yet when the vision comes true, everyone benefits. Our visions are more than self-serving, they are transforming, entertaining and magnificent. The realized Leo dream is bigger than life.

Leos are optimistic.

At least, most of the time. We are big wimps when feeling negative, because we are not in our element. Yet when we are positive, our optimism is a force of nature that brings visions, devotion and passion into every word, action and expression.

Leos are artistic.

And more than traditionally artistic. While we make great musicians, painters, performers and writers, our true artistry is best expressed in how we live life and relate to others. A Leo will find creative solutions to age-old problems, unveil new aspects to dead issues, and revitalize hope when it is lost.

Leos are out-spoken.

Often to our detriment, yet what must be said needs to be said. Count on the Leo to stand up and express the truth as they see it, for better or worse.

Leos have negative traits.

But really, there are so few why bother looking at that?

Said no one ever—Leo’s are boring and absent of humor.

Let us enjoy this next month of Leo awesomeness.

Love your Leo!



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Editor: Travis May

Photos: Pixoto/Paul Murray

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