July 23, 2014

A Leo’s Love Manifesto.

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I wrote this journal entry/poem exactly one year ago from today, which is the day the sun enters the sign of Leo.

I was overcome what felt like life-crippling heartbreak. I was overwhelmed with sadness and grief from the pain, the letting go, and the ‘what could be.’

Writing has always been a way to sort through my feelings, to be unbiased in my counsel to myself. Through my unbridled confessions in my writings, I am able to break through my uncertainty and find the clarity that keeps me pulling through, day after gloriously beautiful day.

I share this here partially because I want to share an unfiltered view of myself with the world—it’s good for us to expose these vulnerable parts.

But also because I believe many of you can relate to the plethora of unfiltered emotions, the intensity that comes with being a Leo (and well, human).

I write it as encouragement in empathy for ourselves. Sometimes things are confusing. Sometimes we have no idea why we’re going through a particular hardship and where we will end up.

Sometimes we’re tired of manifesting.

I felt this pretty much all of last year. But here I am, one year later. In the happiest, healthiest relationship I could imagine. It totally took me by surprise. Was it only a year ago I was pining for my ex? Felling lonely and devoid?

By writing and expressing myself, by not judging myself in my darker moments, and by holding a (somewhat) clear vision in what I know I deserve, it all came to me.

So let this be a reminder to just breathe and appreciate that moody Cancer is over! Let’s all embrace the Leonine nature that’s inside us! We shall dance our own dance, live in a glorious way, and remember just how precious and valuable we all are.

I want to be loved.

I want to feel it’s passion and embrace.
To feel its warmth and intoxicating familiarity and newness.
I want to be held. I want to be cherished.
Treated like a treasure.

Yet also the down home girl that I am.

I want love.

An equal, mutual exchange.
Embraced by its security.
An equal empowerment, respect, desire.
Balanced communication.

I wonder how I can move on when a huge part of me doesn’t want to let go.
Of my hurt?
Of the man who stole my heart?
Well it wasn’t his for the taking.

But I offered it on a silver platter, full of bells and whistles.
He intrigued me, made me feel desired and desirable.
He made me proud to be his partner.
Yet I never really felt validated in that way.

I backed away. I shied off. I resisted.

I had a facade of the ideal person, the ideal relationship.
And I desperately didn’t want to break it.

But I did. Because I knew it wasn’t right. It needed to start fresh.
I feel badly for the hurt I may have caused, the blame I placed.
But I feel vindicated in sharing and standing up for my worth.
It needed to happen. I needed to break free.

I’m afraid to let go. I still love.
But I need to validate myself,
stick to things, feel,
and move forward.

I feel anger, shame, guilt, doubt, fear, loss, trepidation, sadness, loss, sorrow.
I feel new beginning, a chance to learn and start anew.

I am who I am and I will be with someone who makes me feel more truly myself than ever before.
I am with someone who allows me to accept myself through my flaws, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses.
My love rallies and validates me in my confidences and my success. My purity and failure.

I am human. I am emotion. I am power.

I sometimes fear the affect of my harsh words, demanding emotions, and lash tongue.
I fear the places they could put me with others.

But I am pure. And I am learning to express my emotions and my needs.
I am growing. I am morphing. I am human. I am transcending.

I really do love you, querido.
But when it comes down to it, I love myself more.

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pius Mahimbi at Flickr


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Marj Dec 12, 2015 1:57am

Eery is right. This brought me to tears. I feel like I can’t be loved. I’m stubborn. I’m withdrawn. I expect too much at times because I give so much. I expect people to put as much into a friendship or relationship with me as I do them. I always end up feeling let down because it’s just not ever going to happen. Thank you so much for this article it answers so much.

Lisa F. Jan 28, 2015 4:12pm


What I just read was so eerily comparable to my own self and relationship experience!

Are all Leos that much the same?! LOL

Your article was an enjoyable read. Thank you !

piaspurpose Jul 26, 2014 5:17am

"it’s good for us to expose these vulnerable parts." This one sears right through the heart and let's the good light come in. I'm a Leo myself and when it comes to the heart, we realize that it's all we have in us. Thank you for sharing this to the world.

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