July 19, 2014

Baby Sea-Lion Snuggles! {Video}

screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNPrUWXVlAY

Sometimes after a long, hard day, we all just need a bit of a cuddle to feel better.

Apparently, this also applies to our friends in the sea!

On a boat just two miles off the coast of Newport Beach in Southern California, some truly fortuitous folks got to experience an incredible encounter with an adorable baby sea lion!

Watch as this seemingly tired aquatic critter takes some time to unwind and relax on a boat skippered by a few friendly humans.

Your heart will melt as you watch the sea lion nuzzle, cuddle and practically climb into the lap of a surprised seafarer!

It’s no wonder that this video-documented encounter gets described as “the experience of 1,000 lifetimes!”


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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Video screenshot


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