July 11, 2014

He Was Everything I Needed in that Moment.

Relationships: some last, some don’t…

And some can make a tremendous impact on the development of who we are as a person.

They can range from friendships, people we have dated or people with whom we have shared serious monogamous love. There is so much beauty in relationships. Everything awakens our senses, our mind, our heart and our soul.

We feel as though we are alive for the very first time. Some whirl in a breath of fresh air from the beginning. They make us feel that this is it—this is exactly where we are meant to be. Others may only offer a distraction from other sectors of our life. Sometimes they end beautifully, other times the end in a torrential storm.

Everything, everyone, every moment that appears in our lives is here to serve a purpose. Every single thing that we need is in that moment. It could be a lifetime, it could be a day—but in that moment, we are here to learn and take from the experience and journey.

We can learn so much about ourselves from these moments. We can learn how we deal with adversity, how we love, how we think, how we feel, how we truly see the world, and who we really are.

I have learned to never regret or feel any negative feelings towards any failed relationship in my life because these people have helped mold me in to who I am. They have held a lantern into the dark and unknown corridors of my soul. They have shed light onto the bits and pieces of me that have molded the person I am today.

He was everything I needed in that moment.

He shook me.

He woke up my heart, my mind, and my body. He helped me open my heart again to love. He helped me open my mind to accepting all the things in this world that I have no control over—which is everything.

But most importantly, he helped me realize that I am all I have, so never compromise myself for anyone or anything.

I thank you, all of you, for breaking a piece of me so I can build it back. For allowing yourself to love me, if only for that moment. For allowing me to love you, for that moment.

For the unbeknownst guidance to the next journey in my life. Thank you for showing me myself in that microscopic moment in time.



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