July 2, 2014

How to Drop the Illusion of ‘Busyness.’ ~ Clare Woodward

clock time

One thing I’m conscious of managing is my relationship with time.

I can easily get caught up in ‘I have to do this and I have to that and I have to do it all—now!’

And then catch myself.

I read recently that being busy is uncool. Gone are the days that it’s impressive to say— ‘oh I’m so busy’.

But this is easier said than done.

I’m a little addicted to ‘the busy.’ It makes me feel purposeful, powerful, successful. I like it when people notice how busy I am. My ego goes, ‘why yes, I am.’

But the thing is, I’m addicted to it because it fills the space. It pushes away the the loneliness and the anxiety that accompanies life at time. It eases the feeling that I’m not quite ‘there’ yet.

It makes me feel approved of and even revered by parents, friends, colleagues.

In my attempt to live more consciously I catch myself getting caught up in the busyness of it all. And instead I interrupt it and re-iterate the following statements to myself…

I have plenty of time.

Everything arrives right on time.

I do everything in divine timing.

And when I do I relax. I slow down. I stop the rushing from here to there. I stop the projection of what’s next and I get present. I find it easier to breathe. And more than anything else I reconnect—I reconnect with the universe, and trust in its timing.

This then creates space for more playfulness, for more detaching and for me—more peace.

It’s been said that time is an illusion, it’s not linear as we think, but rather a manifestation of the mind. I like to regard time as energy and work with it as such, that is if I think I have more of it I literally end up with more. It’s part of the abundance vibration. One I have to consciously work with.

So the question is: what time-related thoughts do you get caught up in?

I’m a certain age, therefore I should have done x by now. 

My biological clock is ticking.

I must do this and this and this and that in order to feel I’m on track with life.

And most importantly, if you do have lots of spare time—what does that bring up for you?

Observe yourself. Be curious about what your busy-ness is saying to you.

And then consciously slow down. Alter the illusion.

Tune in to the abundance of time instead and notice it’s rewards.


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