July 4, 2014

How to Love a Fallen Angel.

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Fallen angels walk amongst us.

They are the person next to you, a brother or sister, a partner or lover, a friend or co-worker.

It may be the person in the mirror.

Any person who feels the loss of their dream, that has been abused, abandoned and unloved, who questions love and doubts their own existence, walking with scars on skin or soul, is a fallen angel.

Every child is born knowing that the world is their pearl. Anything can be accomplished. All dreams may be fulfilled. Each day is filled with excitement, play, and joy. Life is full of possibility.

During the journey of time, tragedy occurs: a fall from grace.

Dreams become forgotten or stolen. Self-doubt and internal negation replace hope and faith. Confusion replaces confidence. Fear of the future and the unknown overwhelm the feeling of opportunity and mystery. Wings become clipped and the soul becomes earth bound in mundane life, tedium, and boredom.

The heart breaks.

Love pales, and the doors to the heart close.

The pain of the closed heart is unbearable. One remembers the free-spirited self, a time of unlimited potential and vitality. To be in a state of knowing what one has lost is agony. To yearn for that lost sense of self is natural.

We all have amazing potential. Every individual is unique in the universe. The ancestral lineage spans time to its very conception. Made of stardust, we are the children of uncountable millennia, the living legacy of life forging the path into a new day.

But how do we function when faith is a joke and love itself becomes suspect?

Remember the truth of who the person is. Speak that truth. Act on it.

Whether it is one’s own self, or another, regrowing the wings of belief takes time. Just as a tree starts from a seed, regaining vitality and self-esteem starts small and grows fully with sustained nurturing.

Loving a fallen angel can bring challenges. The rewards are beyond imagination.

Patience, observation and time heal all wounds.

Who a person was can never be returned to. The influences of the past always remain. Everyday and each experience changes the individual. Just as negative and painful experiences can clip wings and ground a person, remembering the times in life when feeling light and acting on the positive traits within empower, lift and revitalize.

A seed of faith tended daily must blossom in the proper conditions, this is natural law.

To heal the soul, a safe-haven is essential. The inner sanctuary is personal, the work is intense, the process convoluted, the outcome inevitable. Whatever does not serve this essential task is best set aside, temporarily or permanently. Any form of negation needs to be looked at and moved past.

The cure is unique for each individual, though the medicine is the same.

Once the wings begin to grow back in, appreciation and gratitude strengthen them. And though many would wish for real flesh-and-blood wings for flight, the liberty of the buoyant heart causes the individual to soar in life, empowered and wild.

Acting on the dreams of youth revitalizes the spirit. Laughter, uplifting company, fulfilling work and any small success creates the gristle, blood, bones and feathers for the souls wings.

When feeling buoyant, pause and with deep appreciation, savor the feeling.

This allows the experience to be accessed again and again, the feeling of love and hope. The first time this feeling returns, its a shock. The feeling of life, laughter and love is the spark that allows one to know the darkness is passing, that dawn approaches. And in remembering it once, know for certain, it will happen again. And again.

Liberated from the bondage of fear, doubt and confusion, remembering how to fly once again, the soul lifts into the domain of grace, powerful and unveiled beauty.

Clipped wings can grow back.

Each of us can once again, soar.



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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Chie/Flickr

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