July 19, 2014

Making the Switch from Coincidence to Synchronicity.

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Warning: f-bomb ahead.

There are two competing world-views which most people resonate with.

The first is a material paradigm without any creative design and the other is a unified model made of something that isn’t fundamentally matter. Unfortunately, sometimes this divide is called science versus spirituality, but these two philosophies are really just two sides of the one coin.

The scientific orthodoxy believe that reality is the result of a singularity or big bang which exploded into the universe we have today.

It changed or evolved in a law-based manner so that stars were born. They eventually compressed their lighter elements to make the heavier elements, which are the building blocks of life as we know it. There is no design and there is also no interconnection, at least on a classic physics level.

This view makes rubbish of a whole lot of superstitious phenomena, only some of which are evidence-based and therefore justifiable.

For the last few centuries, the mainstream consensus is that paranormal experiences are just tricks of the mind, so any beliefs of a ‘spiritual’ nature are just wishful thinking or the complex concoctions which are birthed from the interaction of neural pathways in our brain. Consciousness and freedom is illusory and both are reducible to the physical world.

Do they really make the conscious choice to class their own minds as illegitimate ingredients of reality? That doesn’t sound classy at all.

It is unjust that the concept of spirituality has lost a lot of its true meaning in both religious and scientific circles. According to the reason junkies—some of which contain brilliant intellectual minds—spirituality is woo-woo and unscientific, so their disregarding judgement on anything esoteric has generated a stigma around any person that believes differently.

There is a lot of pressure to not think or at least talk in spiritual terms.

But their position is a closed belief system. After all, materialism is a metaphysical position on the fundamental nature of reality, but many of them don’t even recognise it as that. To them, it is fact that everything is made of matter. But they’re at least wrong of it being an established truth, let alone an absolute truth, as there is no scientifically proven position on the truth of existence.

When we think of reality like this, there is no meaning behind anything.

The idea of symbolism—that all things inherently contain meaningful information—is omitted. Everything is a random coincidence.

We are in a chaotic environment where any apparent order is just a flickering mirage in the entropy of existence. If we experience or feel some form of connection to our outside world, it is just a pattern-seeking default program which evolved from a randomly mutating soup of lifeless life. And of course, there is no God.

Of course this doesn’t fit in with ancient wisdom. Yet there is, and always has been, a movement of people, both expert and layman, who don’t believe this fits with their knowledge and experience. Regardless if they’ve extensively studied a particular science of life, such as quantum biology or cosmology, or they’ve come to know it through their own direct experience, or even both, the philosophy of a disconnected and conscious-less reality is not how they conceive the world.

They don’t just believe in something different, they also live something different.

They’re the leaders and members of an ideological revolution that has been building momentum in the collective consensus for the past century or two. We are without a doubt headed that way as a mainstream mindset because it doesn’t just embrace the materialist view, it transcends it.

Fields such as quantum physics, geometry and biology are some of the scientific foundations of this revolution. Our options are that we get left behind and die without a meaningful connection and understanding of reality or we join the movement which evolves our individual and collective consciousness. We have the choice.

Ironically, the metaphysical interpretation of an interconnected and unified matrix just doesn’t understand that reality is the result of a singularity, it knows that it is one. From this perspective, science is considered as an effective tool for knowledge as the materialists do. Scientific evidence is taken seriously, and some might argue even more seriously than the embarrassingly-amateur academia who continue to sweep anomalous information under its rug of arrogance and fear.

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Just as the idea of spirituality has been misconceived and hate-bashed by many of the atheist priests and their religious followers, the concept of “God” has too.

When they hear the word God, they think of a self-conscious being who purposely set out to create the universe. They have naively screamed: “Where are you God and why don’t you heal our pain?” That misunderstanding is partly religion’s fault.

But God is much less noise than that.

It is simply the place of unity—the singularity, as well as everything else. It might have awareness, but just because something is aware and can create something, such as a human cell which multiplies according to its geometric design, it doesn’t mean that it is also self-aware. God doesn’t make our choice, we do that instead. It is only made of aware of itself through self-aware beings like us.

Spirituality is making a comeback as a non-religious, scientifically-informed, materially-interconnected, consciously-unified and meaningfully-designed philosophy on life. It’s based on 528Hz—the frequency of love—one of the most coherent scientifically-verifiable energetic vibrations.

The simple difference between this view and a matter-based perspective is that life doesn’t evolve randomly, it has a geometric design. Experiences don’t happen coincidentally, they occur synchronistically. Reality isn’t separate and disconnected parts, it’s interconnected, unified and has intrinsic meaning.

Therefore, if we have or are undertaking a revolution in how we not just conceive, but participate in our world, then the way to make the simple philosophical switch is to interpret our experience as a synchronistic and symbolic demonstration of meaningful information, instead of a chaotic and coincidental accident of nothingness.

There is fundamentally only one thing. It’s a fucking masterpiece.

There is a plethora of information, both scientifically and ideologically, which supports this old and new view. It’s driven by progressive-thinking scientists and ancient wisdom, both which ground the worldview. Once we get the theory, we can put it into practice.

Instead of conceiving reality as a random unfolding around us, it is an ordered representation of both our singular and manifesting natures, even if we don’t have the foresight to know it in each moment. Retrospect is our training ground.

This also means that the internal mind and external matter are essentially a pure reflection of each other. They’re one, and we have the free choice to treat them equally and align them, or not.

Love—obviously—is our guide.


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Massimo de Candido/Pixoto

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