July 4, 2014

Ready, Set, Manifest your Intentions. ~ Cortney Overstreet

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At one time or another, we have all noticed an underlying pattern in the number of times something has happened in our lives, or when and outcome we had only hoped for was achieved.

Though we didn’t know it at the time, we were likely on the path of least resistance.

Life gives us gentle reminders—little arrows that point us to the path of least resistance—and when we notice and follow them, something magical is always revealed.

I recently had such an experience that started out as a simple shopping trip to find a gift for a friend. What followed was a serendipitous chain of events that bore the unmistakable mark of Divine Intervention branded in its backside.

By following the arrows of subtle guidance in front of me, what transpired was the manifestation of not just a meaningful gift to my friend, but a beautiful illustration of the process by which our intentions become actual form.

Eckhart Tolle asserts in his book, A New Earth, that “nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe.” This is always the essential energetic ingredient to authentically maintain when running in your personal marathon of conscious creation.

At the starting line of this particular instance, I was browsing in a metaphysical bookstore and silently asked in my thoughts, “If there is anything here that my friend would like, please guide me to it.” In this simple thought, I casually set an intention that I didn’t give a lot of time or thought to.

In other words, I had zero resistance or attachment and continued looking.

A local artist’s jewelry collection kept catching my eye.

I’d notice, walk on, and find myself back in front of the same display again. The subtle arrows were guiding me and like a Caesar Milan trained puppy, I followed my cue.

I decided on a pair of black onyx earrings and matching bracelet which the cashier placed in a white box that had the word “Wings” etched in metallic gold on the lid.

My friend opened her gift and let out a small gasp when she saw the lid of the white box. As she saw the jewelry inside, her silent stare and tear-filled eyes looked up at me as she softly uttered with surprise, “Oh my God.”

She went on to explain that whenever she sees butterflies she feels deeply reminded of her mother who had passed away two years ago. The gold wings on the box lid startled her because they resembled those of a butterfly.

It was then I learned that one of the dearest treasures she has from her mother’s things is a black onyx ring that she never wears, and for which she has no other pieces to match.

We both sat in silence for a few moments taking in that this particular gift came to her through me.

While my intention was to give something meaningful out of love to a dear friend, I certainly had no idea that the arrows I followed were leading me to a choice with such magnitude of meaning in that it would touch my friend’s heart so deeply or be so “coincidental.”

The process of how the gift came into form is metaphoric for how to manifest any personal desire in your life.

Here are three steps to remember in your part of the creation process:

On Your Mark: Set the intention and let it go.

•Focus on setting an intention in your thoughts, express your preference or ask for Divine Intervention, and then let it go.
•In releasing any attachment to the outcome, the limitation of the mind or ego vanishes and a path opens up for a greater energy to take over and coordinate the outcome.
•As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu says, “By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go.”

Get Set: Relax and settle in for the ride.

•Micro-managing only delays or detours the process; accept that your role is not to identify the details but to let the details be revealed to you in their own timing.
Don’t be a brat. You don’t get to insist it’s your way or the highway or demand the exact details of who, what, where, and when. This race is not a game of Clue and you will not get to claim that it’s Professor Plum, in the Conservatory, with the Lead Pipe.
•Breathe and stay undistracted by another runner who may be going faster than you or appears to be manifesting what you want in less time. Run your own race.

Go: Follow the arrows and trust.

•As you are detached and paying attention, it’s easier to recognize the arrows of subtle guidance that show up to support you in jogging on the path of least resistance.
•Trust that whatever unfolds will be the best outworking that it can be and that divine order is at work. Try not to make this a hilly course, unnecessarily zapping your energy with stress or making it harder than it need be.
•Accept the assurance that it is and will be the best it can be. Whatever it is. Whenever it is. However long it takes. The universe will bring forth the highest and best outcome for everyone involved.


In the conscious choice of following this process, you are assured that your arrival at the finish line will reveal a better arrangement of details, a more fluid experience and a more magnificent outcome.

It is in living this way that a far greater orchestration of the little symphonies in our lives is composed.

My intention in sharing this story is to inspire you to consciously experience greater gifts than you originally had in mind. And now…I let it go.


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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photos: Eddi van W./Flickr


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