July 25, 2014

The Big Energy of Leo!


If there was ever a time to be that big wild animal, now is it!

Go free. Release the chains from your structured and stagnant heart, a heart that is begging to be who it is and what it desires.  Jupiter (the planet of expansion and all things associated with large dreams) is now in the zodiac sign of Leo, and I’m thinking we can all find our inner lion or lioness.

This new moon is also in Leo. The sun just moved into Leo. Hearts alive! I am completely overjoyed with these three powerful forces placed in the sign of Leo, which is gloriously heart-centered. We have seen and felt months and years of changes and shifts and much-needed transformation.

It is all actually here, right now. No more listening to what doesn’t work for us. No more of anyone or anything telling us we can’t do it. No more hiding and faking it. Enough already. We have dug ourselves into the earth for way too long, and the fissures are bubbling over with extreme aliveness and pleasure and truth. Here we are. All of our humanness, and all of us being real. This is such good stuff, we would be hard-pressed not to scream or shout or howl or roar.

Even though we won’t see the new moon blaring in the night sky this go round, she is still there, emanating so much force and power that I desire to shoot my heart straight up to her, to feel, to understand, to stay curious, to explore more, to keep learning, to share stories with her. The moon knows our stories. The moon, whether full or new, can sense when all is or isn’t right with the world.

Leo new moons are big, just as the pride of lions roam the jungles with their manes and tails confident and mighty. We too can take our strong selves and go further down our paths. We are all just doing the best we can. Simple, no bullshit way of living—and this moon is highlighting everything that needed to change, everything that wasn’t working, everything that was breaking apart, everything that needed attention, everything that could possibly be put back together, every vulnerable act of love, and whatever else was beckoning our quality consciousness.

Hearts and love are the big theme with these three great beauties, the effervescent sun, the great benefic planet Jupiter, and the sensitive and noteworthy new moon.

I want to talk to the moon this time only with a different energy, a stronger energy. The night sky will be black and full of stars, and she won’t be visible up there, but you can bet she is there as big as ever. I could pull from past mistakes and say, “Hey Ms. Moon, how about I completely submit and surrender to your every ounce of power and know that I don’t know, and keep going with a humble heart, and keep tripping whenever I get too ahead of myself, and keep loving as loudly as you will allow, because that’s what I need, Ms. Moon.”

I think she and I might be friends forever, a different kind of soul mate, a cosmic soul mate.

With this new moon, Jupiter, and the sun doing a perfect dance in the sign of Leo, all systems are a go, with everything. Speak your heart. Speak your mind. Speak your soul. We have been going over and over again the necessity of vulnerability and authenticity, almost to the point where actions are now speaking louder. So, I hear you, Ms. Moon. I have been enlightened to my own yin and yang, and it has taken some adjustments and some much-needed rearranging within.

Even as much as two years ago, I have taken stock of all that I am and all that I need to be. I have fallen short many times in that effort to be true to who I am. But, I simply cannot go against my own grain any more. I have claimed all parts of me, and I have been about as naked as I can be. When I published my first novel, I wanted to hide and not believe that I wrote about my life in a way that made sense to me, from childhood repressed emotions to karma in relationships, to the conclusive epiphanies and treasures in Kauai.

But the words poured out like a sieve for three solid months on that island back in 2010, and there was no going back. Now, after my second novel,  a fictional love story based on much realness in my own life, I no longer need to hide. It took me a few years to feel comfortable and confident enough to speak my voice and whatever the outcome, well, it is what it is. I’m okay with it. Finally.

My heart is full with this new moon energy. My life is going where it needs to go, and however it turns out is the gift. Ms. Moon knows that we humans are tired and ready for the change, whether it is an outright manifestation, or some silent hum that only we can sense. Mr. Jupiter knows this as well. The sun sees it every single day. All egos aside, as these three incredible forces in Leo want us to be over-the-top kind, show enormous amounts of compassion, and even be willing to forgive at all costs. This new moon and Jupiter and the sun want us to be that extra special light that flies high and far and takes chances, and goes the distance in both life and love.

All possibilities are full steam ahead. This is by far the most exciting time here on Earth. We cannot miss this opportunity to rise into our best and present it to the world. Our hearts and love depend on it.

Happy New Moon and Big Leo energy to all!



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          Editor: Travis May

          Photo:  Wiki Commons


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