July 4, 2014

The Relationship Between Love & Insanity.

Love true

I write about relationships from a variety of perspectives.

My authority to do so comes from years of experience, diligence in study of such matters and my clairvoyant gifts that impart clarity of mind and heart.

The outstanding truth that remains is that love does not have a singular course.

Love is like water. All rivers flow to the ocean. And the substance of rivers also form clouds, rain, fog, glaciers and seas.

A heart inhabited by love often goes through many trials and joys.

It takes a life and time to love.

There are times, where in order for love to prevail, a life must be lived in solitude and contrary to the innate instinct to be sociable. Conversely, the enrichment and gifts love bestows on a life may also arise from perfecting the skills of communication, negotiation and surrender inside the boundaries of committed relationship.

Love can thrive everywhere.

Love is rebellious in that it does not follow guidelines to be imposed upon it. Guidelines dictate behaviors and behaviors cannot dictate love’s course. Love is not to be coerced or manipulated. It is like a wild stallion that will not be broken. Any attempt to do so will often result in the heart of the one who is attempting to subvert love into their command being broken.

Yet our finite minds still attempt to corral the infinite nature that is love. I’m continuously learning about the relationship between life and love. Sentiments such as this only further my learning:

“Can’t” leave a commitment-phobic man? That’s exactly why he will never commit to you. A metaphysical bond, created by sex, often is a construct, in the mind only, of the person not holding the cards in a relationship. Men pine for the woman who seems unattainable at first. Men have a hunting instinct and only fall madly/deeply for someone they have to win. Courting rituals took this into account. ~ Anonymous

Like the author of this statement, I have been and most likely will always be guilty of espousing rules and suppositions about the right and true path of love. In simple terms, love has a learning curve; for what the standard of the heart knows as truth, the mind must learn.

There are two avenues of learning.

First, it is academic and ancestral. Knowledge gets passed from one generation to the next, ever evolving through nuance and discovery. Second, there is understanding which happens in the body and through visceral experience.

As an author, I translate experience into symbolic discourse. I reiterate laws or common place pathways. After all, nothing is new under the sun. Each person’s experience of love is a reinvention. It happens at a unique place in time and in history.

The time is always now.

In other terms, I’ve found it to be true that love is most potent when focused on in the moment. There is no forecast of things to come. There is no dredging up what has happened before. The quality of forever imbued by love connects us to creation when it is experienced in the here and now.

Again, I say, “There is no one right way.”

Everything tilts in its balance towards creation or destruction.

And each day is full of tasks that require specific skills—the greatest being to savor the moment.

When the walls of reason come crumbling down it is often referred to as insanity. And sometimes there is wisdom in insanity because it has no walls. The New York “insane” man in the video below speaks about love and life with conviction (he nails it!).

May love always remind us that we can always learn from each other. May you find your way.



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Editor: Emily Bartran

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