This is Why We Are Here.

Via Rachel Brathen
on Jul 6, 2014
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Rachel Brathen

Today I have cried.

And laughed. Practiced yoga. Gone swimming. Soaked in the sunshine.

Talked to my mom. Read an entire book. Eaten a huge plate of fruits. Cuddled with my husband.

Cried some more.

And laughed.

We are on our honeymoon and my grandmother has passed away and I am okay.

The universe is telling me: This is life. Feel it all!

And I have reminded myself today that life never gives you anything you cannot handle.

Trust. Endings and beginnings.

This is why we are here. We love and we say goodbye and then we love again.

Life happens and all we can do is let go and move forward and love will return.

Love will always return.

Nothing is certain and nothing is forever and at some point we have to say goodbye to make space for new hellos.

So cherish your loved ones. Tell them you love them.

Do it now.

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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: courtesy of Rachel Brathen




About Rachel Brathen

Rachel is a yogi on a world tour. Born and raised in Sweden, she currently resides in the beautiful island of Aruba where she is busy teaching yoga at a resort in the mornings, coordinating retreats at noon, taking her three somewhat crazy dogs to the beach to keep up with the surf in the afternoon and trying to survive as a vegan (where no vegetables grow!) in the evenings. She firmly believes that life is not black or white – it’s black and white and blue and yellow with rays of pink and sparkle in between. You can teach yoga and still be a party animal. Meditate and ignore your spending problems. Be vegan and eat too much chocolate. Have a Swedish passport and live in the Caribbean. You can do anything, as long as it’s you! You can find Rachel on the beach, probably practicing her Astavakrasana, or on


One Response to “This is Why We Are Here.”

  1. goldie says:

    i have never read so much beauty in such a short writing as i have in this. this is life. embrace it for all that it is. love it or it will leave you behind. love and light to you