10 Basic Salves for Burn-out & Everyday Depression.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Aug 5, 2014
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Take Care of Yourself salves for burn out
How to work through burn-out when we’re down:

“Ideas & inspirations are lost when we’re burnt out.” ~ Waylon Lewis

“Try helping others. Volunteer at a hospital, a soup kitchen, spend a day talking to homeless people and listen to their stories even. Any time you start helping others, and begin to realise that without your help these people will be worse off, your life gets purpose very quickly…” ~ via Reddit.


These seem commonsense. But we forget them when we need them:

10 Basic Salves:

1. Water
2. Intimacy
3. Exercise that you enjoy
4. Meditation
5. Community
6. Unplug
7. Sex with someone you love
8. Make friends with yourself
9. Music, singing or dancing
10. Avoid bad habitual patterns, do something different

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