August 4, 2014

Arduous Journey. ~ Arene Maria T. Windolph {Poem}

One use only, provided by author for her article.

Born beneath clay and sandstone

heavy heart strives forward

fragile careful movement

continual perseverance

Efforts courageous strength

instinctive wisdom knowing

of air, sun and rain


I met you just below the surface

given in to jagged edges

muddied stuck stagnation

I whispered words of freedom

You shrugged with resignation


Then watched my slight successes

waiting for my fall

as progress witnessed by you

responded to the call

for a moment, hope sprung through you

baby steps and crawl


Gradually I proceeded

beyond your sight and space

You lost your flash of knowing

the path enclosed in place

You buried your head in sandstone

heart sunken into clay

waiting for another

to show your heart the way.


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Apprentice Editor: Marcee Murray King / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Art: Courtesy of Author

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