Don’t Miss Your Soul Mate Flags. ~ Grace Cooley

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It can be exhilarating to meet a soul mate—that feeling of having known them forever as I look into their eyes is familiar and strange all at the same time.

It can be pleasant, funny, loving and soft. Or it can be like two freight trains colliding head-on. It can also be hauntingly sad.

I have met and loved several soul mates—in many different forms and relationships. Years ago, a soul mate came into my life and only stayed for a few weeks; it was very intense and somewhat confusing. I came home to a Dear Jane letter. I have neither seen nor heard from him again.

One was only in my life for a week or so, before vanishing back into the universe again, exiting my stage to step onto another one somewhere else. This relationship was so intense and immediate, that we burned the karma quickly and completely, no longer romantically/sexually attracted to each other by the end of those short days, but still loved each other.

Upon meeting, we tried to play by society’s rules. We really did.

But we couldn’t.

Within a day of meeting we were naked in my house, breathing each other’s breath again, just like before in other places and times. His mouth was familiar, his kisses exquisite; they felt like coming home. I have not had such beautiful, satisfying kisses since. Just the memory of them can make my breath change tempo.

As soon as we immediately, easily and mutually rotated into one specific and unusual sexual position, we looked at each other in exposed recognition, “Having you right here, right like this, is all I have been able to think about since I met you yesterday.”

I could only agree. It was exactly how I had seen us together too.

This was a man for whom I had no attraction whatsoever until I looked into his eyes. When I looked at his body, I felt no attraction. When our eyes met each time, however, I fell in love all over again. I quite literally, for the first time in my life, felt weak in the knees every time he looked at me.

All I wanted to do was be as close to him as possible as much as possible. It always felt like he would be taken from me. I felt almost desperate to love him as much and as intensely as possible in what felt like the very short time we had together.

Needless to say, we spent most of our time together naked—talking, crying, laughing, making love, f*cking; it was intense, beautiful, raw and cathartic.

We split amicably a few days later, having processed through whatever it was we needed to process together. We gave each other those karmic gifts and were done. We did, indeed, it turned out, only have a few days. But this time we were not torn from each other. This time we truly were complete at the end of our time together.

I have come across many soul mates in many different lifetimes over the years. As a hypnotherapist, I find them all the time—mine and for clients too—in past lives and in this current life.

So much so, that I had to change my definition of “soul mate” at some point.

I now define “soul mate” as a soul with whom I have had so many meaningful encounters in so many other lifetimes and dimensions, that I feel I know them almost instantly upon meeting them again. They feel so familiar, like family, like instant friends. We can play just about any role for each other too: friend, lover, child, grandchild.

I think most folks think of soul mates only as lovers…but I have found that is not necessarily the case.

From so many years of working with past lives, it is my understanding that we, as pure souls/energy, get together before each lifetime and kind of plan out how we are going to meet each other. We set up “flags” for ourselves, so that we recognize the significance of the meeting.

A “flag” is anything that happens in our current life that grabs our attention enough to make us stop and take a second look, or make us become aware that we need to pay special attention to someone/thing. Flags often look or feel like déjà vu, or like something weird and surreal. It gets our attention. It causes us to “wake up,” to come up out of the habitual, treadmill, hazy state we usually coast along in.

“I knew I had known you before, because when I saw you, time seemed to slow down and everything was moving in slow motion,” was what one lover said to me, explaining the flag he experienced on seeing me for the first time.

I have met and loved soul mates that feel like friendly companions—like the only reason we agreed to meet again was just because we love and miss each other and want to be together again. We don’t necessarily have any big lessons for each other. We just want to give each other the gift of resting into a nice, easy, calm relationship.

The ones that are heart breaking, though, are the ones where timing is an issue. We meet them as planned, we experience the flag and know it is important, but we have made past decisions that prevent us from being lovers.

It is not that I love my current lover less after I meet a soul mate, but I can very clearly feel the missed opportunity with the soul mate and must accept it—maybe even mourn its passing. I have never broken up with a current lover to be with a new soul mate, but I have been very attracted to and tempted by that idea.

It can be so sad when it happens—to meet them, recognize them and maybe even admit and discuss it with them, but to be unable or unwilling to actually do anything about it.

Brian Weiss, the famous hypnotherapist who has written several books on the subject, writes about this in Only Love is Real, a book about hypnosis and soul mates finding each other again.

When I think of them, those unrequited soul mates, I can still feel the sudden sting of recognition, how my heart seems to fly up out of my chest into the sky when I look into their eyes, followed quickly by the descending realization that we will not be lovers this lifetime, the heartache, and finally the soft longing and sadness that still linger for paths not taken.

Of course you are thinking, “But you can still be friends with them, right?” Yes, that is possible, but I find it can be difficult, because as the friendship grows, so does the longing.

Have you ever had a friend that you fell in love with, only to know (or find) that they cannot or do not or will not reciprocate? It is not fun for anyone involved.

My wish for you, Dear Reader? May your flags be obvious and your timing and decisions always impeccable. Godspeed.



Dear Soulmate, I have Always Loved You.



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Grace Cooley

Grace Cooley is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Registered Psychotherapist in Ft. Collins, CO, USA. She sees clients and facilitates Divine Feminine Hypnotherapy workshops for women. She’s a flaming, Earth-loving, tree-hugging, save-the-Planet, believes-in-faeries, bike-riding, card-carrying, spiritual-but-not-religious, hippie cowgirl liberal poet—yep, they do exist. You can find her blog here and her creations here. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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anonymous Mar 2, 2016 3:35pm

Oh have I ever met someone and felt very connected to them beyond words….but yet was unable to do anything about it. I met her about a year and a half ago now through of all things a private boxing session I had with her. She was/is a well known boxer with multiple world championships to her credit before she retired from the sport, and I saw she was coming my way and decided to go and see her just for a new experience. I'd done wrestling/domination style sessions previous to her, and was curious to try something different, learn to box perhaps a bit. I actually almost wasn't gonna see her due to funds, but decided to just go for it as who knew if the chance would arise again right?

Well when we met and sessioned…..I felt a chemistry with her… was very unique to anything I'd ever felt before. I didn't think a ton of it at the time, but I felt her soul, wasn't a physical attraction so much (would notice that more later) but a soul one….there was something deep there, I could sense it.

After we parted…..I started to long for her…..and that's when I started to really realize what was happening….I couldn't stop thinking about her for like 2 WEEKS after the fact. Never had I had that happen in any previous session. Sure I had crushes, lusts, on some, but nothing like this. It totally blew me away. I was ready to up and travel away with her the next day if it came to that, that's how serious the feeling was. She was all I thought about, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep…she was on my mind constantly. I even was researching twin flames in this time thinking….maybe she was it.

I texted her a bit after I saw her….but never got a reply, and after a while I had to move on and sorta let go of the idea that I was gonna be able to have her. Few weeks later, just on a whim after seeing her name pop up on a new video release at a forum I was a member of, I decided to see if she was coming back my way…..and sure enough she was, on my birthday no less! That alone floored me and felt like a sign, and I knew I had to see her again to find out if this whole thing was real or not, once again she consumed my thoughts till we met for the 2nd time. Even got a room where she was staying just in case things played out well.

Unfortunately though…..things didn't go as I was hoping when I did….she had a long term boyfriend (something I knew even before though it had been some time since I knew that) and she had no desire to leave him and didn't see that changing. she did say she'd date me given the chance but didn't see it coming up. We left it at that and I've not seen her since that night though we communicated a little on text after the session. She did pop up single for a very short time sometime later but it didn't last but a week or so before she was back with her boyfriend (only split due to a misunderstanding).

But yeah that's my story….it's not something I'll ever forget anytime soon for sure…..relationships like that, love and such, is really a funny thing isn't it? As it stands today, I've grown very close to someone I've known online for 3 years plus now and may well end up with her but this is one experience I'll always remember just the same no matter what happens from here.

anonymous Sep 6, 2015 6:54pm

maybe if you are polyamorous and respect every relationship as meaningful and not threatening to the relationships you already have established, perhaps you could actually go forward and experience those cosmic opportunities without having to mourn the passing of a missed out experience with a soulmate just because you are in a relationship that is meaningful to you at the moment. all relationships are valid and useful, so don't possess your partner so that you own't be possessed, be honest and open and unlearn your programmed jealous reactions and evolve beyond them.

anonymous Aug 25, 2015 2:44pm

I would just like to commend EJ for using a photo that is not heteronormative, like they usually do, and hope to see more varied depictions of relationships in the future.

anonymous Aug 19, 2015 2:45pm

I met my husband and knew he was my soul mate. And I his. We are getting close to 20 yrs together and I love him more than the first day we first expressed our love for each other. I am grateful for my past painful experiences, without them I wouldn’t of had the ability to recognize what we have. I just knew. It hasn’t always been a rose garden but our deep connection and trust/respect gets us through the rough patches. I know we are blessed and we continue to always work on us. I tell my children when they say ewww, when we grope each other…” there is no family without mommy and daddy” God, my husband, then my children” I truly feel if you put it in that order most of the time..that’s the key to a lasting relationship. Balance of course… but healthy loving balance for all of us in our wonderful family unit.

anonymous Jun 22, 2015 7:53am

I was working 10 years ago in Florida in a beauty supply store, when a Hispanic man came in with his wife and children, I am married, our eyes connected and I have never felt anything like that in my life. We did not speak a word to each other, I do not know hwo he is, but we kept following each other with our eyes and smiles all around the store. It was not just a friendly look and smile, it was as if we connected on a level that I have never experienced. It haunts me to this day. I wanted to run to him and leave everything that I knew. When they paid for their purchase, they exited the store went out into the parking lot and his family got into the car, he lingered standing at the open car door closed the door and started walking back into the store, stopped and just stood there smiling and gazing into my eyes. His wife called to him and for a few seconds longer he stood there he waved to me with tears rolling down his face smiled and turned and left. I do not know him but I love him.

anonymous Jun 11, 2015 6:18pm

“They say when you meet the love of your life time stops,” and it did. I felt like the time stoped and people around us froze. Also when he looked at me I heard fireworks… Loud fireworks, Which was very magical and strange but I just didn’t realise what it’s happening. Later When he stood in front of me he looked like a little shy boy and didn’t say a think…! He stood like that for about 20 seconds not saying a think and just stared at me and smiled…which made me feel shy as well and when he moved away to great other people he looked sad. After that I felt like I was back into the reality. The problem it’s he is my musical ‘idol’ but I never remember to fancy him etc. when I was listening to his band music. The weirdest part of the story is that all that was happening in the middle of his gig.

He acted really weird on the day from the stage.

It took me 3 months to realise what has happened as I heard a song “come what may” with that saying “When you meet the love of your life time stops” and than it hit me… My face started to burn and my heart was beating crazy fast. And all I was asking myself was can this be true? He is my true love?

I went to see if that was a dream or reality and decided to go to see his show again and he found me in the crowd even that I was sitting far away… He kept looking and once I smiled in his direction i saw like his soul lighten up and he became alive… When he was leaving the stage he stood there with his hand up and was waiting until I wave back at him for goodbye. We haven’t spoke, not yet. He is married, one year nefore the time we experienced that magic. I realised that it was real what I experienced and he must have heard the sparks as well or something else. I am not crazy for sure! Also I had a dream 10 years ago that he killed himself and I woke up in the middle of the night crying and saying ‘he is just fine’ and 8 years after I got to know that he tried to do so because of his depression… Isn’t that weird!?!? Please reply to me with some answer if you know what all that was about . I guess it’s “Come what may” for the future. I am very thankful for this experience as I believe in love . Xx

anonymous May 18, 2015 12:24am

I know the feeling. You can't explain it, you can only feel it. It's powerful and the most intense feeling ever. One night he said to me, "I think we knew each other in a previous life." It's a familiarity. It's a first kiss that feels like you just came home. It's a history together that feels centuries old though you've only known each other for months. It's more than lust, it's an intertwining of your spirits. There is no self-consciousness. You are free, because you know you are accepted as you are. There are no conditions. Your breath stops. Your heart stops. Yet somehow you continue you live. For me, there was a friendship, and a love, and spiritual guidance. It ran it's course and we parted amicably after 7-8 months. We live in the same town and run into each other occasionally 13 years later. I've been married for nearly 12 years and he is on his 2nd marriage.

anonymous Apr 26, 2015 1:00am

I recently re connected with my teenage crush/ friend. We had a connection then, but were both in relationships. Now, 30 yrs later we found each other, instant connection,we shared the same feelings for each other, still had love. I’m divorced for 18 years. Hes married with a small child. I cannot stop thinking about him and the possibilities. He won’t leave his wife fo fear of losing his child. I have never had a true love in my life. Till we reconnected. I never felt like this before. I can’t move forward.

anonymous Mar 3, 2015 1:23pm

I just loved it. Was so beutiful that I got conneted with your words.

Thanks for writing and sharing ♥

anonymous Mar 3, 2015 2:21am

beautiful article, made me stop and think. Thankyou for writing this and helping me to process my relationships and life in the most helpul new Amazing way xx

anonymous Feb 25, 2015 10:18pm

I am so happy to have found this blog. Reading everyones story makes me feel as if I am not alone. I met this guy in high school and it was an immediate attraction for me, I know he never noticed me. Many years passed and I never saw him after we graduated until my best friend married his brother and I was reconnected with him again. When we met I was married and he was not. My marriage was falling apart, I had 2 kids. It was more than obvious that he was also attracted to me. We became friends and I met his girlfriends and eventually the one he married. During those 12 years I still saw him from time to time and could tell the feelings we both had never died. I was still in my very unhappy marriage, but we did separate for 6 months. My husband promised he would change so I took him back, it lasted for 1 month and he was right back where he was before. My kids were getting older going off to college and I put up with my husbands bad behavior and ignored him. But, I never forgot about the guy who I beleive is my soul mate. He has now been separated for 5 years and has 2 kids. We recently connected and the feelings are still there and feel even stronger. A year ago, I finally got myself together and am separated from my abusive husband. I did not do it for my soul mate, but for myself. If we ever do get together it would be wonderful. He is not currently calling me because I am not legally separated and I don't think he wants to be hurt if it does not work out. The last time my husband and I were separated and went back it really hurt him. I think he married on the rebound and never really loved her. I can see how he feels about me from across the room and the feelings are mutual. I hope everyday that we will be together forever. I think we have unfinished business from a past life.

anonymous Feb 23, 2015 6:50pm

Would anyone like to share their experience or knowledge on Twin Flames? I too wonder if all the past posts are soul mates, and that is very human of me. Maybe it’s a Twin Flame. Maybe it’s good ol’ human lust or infatuation. Maybe it’s a past life that isn’t a soulmate at all. Maybe it’s a memory from this life…a forgotten friend from early childhood…in school or other friends on the stoop in the hood.

anonymous Feb 22, 2015 8:45pm

“We split amicably a few days later, having processed through whatever it was we needed to process together. We gave each other those karmic gifts and were done. We did, indeed, it turned out, only have a few days. But this time we were not torn from each other. This time we truly were complete at the end of our time together.” Could you go in more detail about how it ended? I feel like Im going through this exact scenario. I feel like I met my soul mate, and our passion was so heavy and broke the bounds of this societal norm of taking things easy and slow. But Im afraid I will lose him somehow. I dont want that at all. Did you and him realize you were going in different directions in life and couldn’t be together anymore? Did the passion burn out?

anonymous Feb 11, 2015 6:56pm

Beyond a doubt that is one of the best blogs i have ever read in my life. Its like you have ripped my heart out of my chest and read it to the world

anonymous Jan 24, 2015 9:10pm

It is always a magical moment—one where the universe just comes together and everything “clicks”.

anonymous Jan 14, 2015 1:29pm

I loved reading about all the amazing stories. Up until about a year ago I knew I hadn’t met my soul mate… I was wondering if it was just a know lovers saying that they’re soul mates.. And one day I saw this woman from afar in a crowd and she was absolutely beautiful and for what ever reason I got the opportunity to meet her and I tell you it was like a strike of lightening hit my right on my chest… saying wake up this is it OMG it just makes my heart beat faster now thinking about it… we havent spent a great deal of time together because of work and whatever but when we get an opportunity to see each other I cant talk, I am just a boy on the strongest coca cola buzz and I cant control it… her eyes, jokes, accent, clothes, everything about her… but that just the “cover” so to speak.. her soul/ heart and mine i feel like its a tractor beam just working simultaneously it’s a connection ive never felt ever! I will honestly say if any man is too just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her they would automatically say… “brah you are batting way way out of your league” hahaha I totally agree! But it’s just how things are! Sweet…. I thought “soul mates” was just a myth… but it hits ya like a wrecking ball when you know….

    anonymous Feb 11, 2015 5:13pm

    Oh Simon you are describing my soul mate and me exactly to a t. We started talking online for a couple of years just as friends and joking at his silly facebook posts and videos. Then it got more intense and he wanted to meet. I was kinda scared at first, but the first time we met and i looked into his eyes and he looked into mine, it was like he could see right thru me to my soul. There was just something so familiar about him and we just connected like there were only us two in this world. It lasted about 3 months, then it got harder for us to see each other. We are both married and neither of us wanted to hurt our spouses. We tried to keep in touch but he finally had to cut off all contact. I deleted him cause i couldn't bear to see him and not be able to have him, then he deleted me on instagram, and blocked me on facebook. I have cried and cried for months now because he didn't even say goodbye, just blocked me from everything like i didn't mean anything to him. I know the connection we had because i could feel it and see it in his eyes. He couldn't even talk around me sometimes, he would just stare at me and smile, he called me his Dream Girl. I miss him everyday. My heart is broken. I never felt this kind of love ever in my entire life. I just wish i had closure but he couldn't face me to do that because when we look into one another's eyes we both know we couldn't stop….. :'( Sad & heart broken

anonymous Jan 13, 2015 11:31am

Are these really soulmates though? A lot of what’s being described here sounds more like infatuation (which is both intense and often temporary).

I just wonder if some of this soul mate connection isn’t just getting confused with intense infatuation rather than something much deeper and lasting like a true soul-mate connection as that seems much more rare to me…

    anonymous Aug 2, 2015 4:21pm

    I think you're right. The internet is full of these types of articles and stories and much of it is incorrect. For example, I don't think there's more than one soulmate for each person! That's bizarre.

anonymous Dec 30, 2014 2:46pm

I met one of my soul mates 12 years ago. It was a whirlwind 2 months. We are still friends, but not meant to be. A year after he broke my heart, I settled for someone else. Then, three years ago, I met another soul mate, one I know I belong with. We became instant friends. Over the years, I suppressed feelings as our friendship only grew stronger. Why suppress them? We both are married with a young child… and I didn’t think he would ever be interested in me. 6 months ago, we had dinner and there was no denying the sparks. A month later, I confessed to him that I adored him. He thought he was the only one feeling that way. We see each other once a month, and talk everyday. He is my best friend, and my safe place, a place I feel at home. The situation is so complicated. We are both in terrible loveless marriages, and neither of us can break free because we both have a young child. His situation is worse because his wife would take his child away. My heart hurts so badly knowing I can’t wake up every morning next to the man I love. I truly love him so much. I want nothing but happiness for him. I know it sounds crazy, but I love him more everyday. Every inclination I have is to wait for us to be together, even if that means waiting many years. Another complication is that he has been so hurt, that he is afraid. Over the years, he has often said that he has so much internal cleanup to do that he isn’t capable of giving someone the love they deserve. I know it’s a defense mechanism… but his actions when he is with me show me his is capable…but then again, I also know that until he believes he can start over, he can’t.

I am in a lot of pain, but the time we do have together always makes the pain worth it. I have never felt this way with anyone, it is not a connection I can explain. I just know it is there. I want to grow old with him; I pray I get the chance one day.

    anonymous Mar 2, 2015 7:41am

    Your actions are very selfish. Perhaps your marriages are loveless because you are giving your love to someone else while resenting the person your with.
    Letngo of them, they deserve to be loved as well. Its not fair to believe you deserve halfassed love.
    If you both are meant to be, for wouldn't allow your children to be taken away for you both to be together.
    Best wishes.

anonymous Dec 14, 2014 6:03pm

I've found mine. We had a brief connection 31 years ago. We met again 5 weeks ago….two days of texting had us in each other's arms. Five weeks later and it's still going strong. Timing isn't great….I'm in a relationship. But there's sparks and weak knees and so much going on to ignore.

anonymous Nov 26, 2014 8:47am

I met a soul mate over 10 yrs ago when he was dating a friend (& married eventually) and our eyes locked and my heart sored out of my chest. We both instantly knew but never said anything until this year. we admitted how we felt and the connection we always had and how much we love/ in love each other. Sadly ,we are perfect for each other in every way and he knows it but is married (worst marriage ever) with a child, and isn’t going anywhere. We no longer talk, I need all or nothing and if we get in a room alone we can’t control ourselves. We were both too chicken to say anything years ago. I’ll never make that mistake again.

My heart aches everyday for him, and I know it always will.

    anonymous Nov 26, 2014 3:54pm

    I am so sorry you are experiencing that side of a soul mate connection. That sort of thing can be so difficult to deal with – been there, done that. It is just horrible. I wish peace for you, my dear, and Godspeed.

anonymous Nov 26, 2014 7:07am

I have a soulmate, who unfortunately is married. We keep in touch occasionally but only as friends. We will see what our future brings for us down the road.

The other two are my daughter and my dog. My sister had two Boston Terriers and she lives in Georgia and I always loved them. I told her that whenever I get my own house with a fenced yard, I want to get one too. I always loved the brown and white color too. Well, when I bought my own house and I went to visit my sister when she was expecting her first child, my brother in law drove me to a pet store. We went in and he was the only Boston Terrier there and he was brown and white, about 5 months old. He saw me and he was barking like crazy and jumping up and down. I asked to see him and as soon as he was put in my arms, he calmed down and nuzzled in my neck. Well I got on my cell phone and I called the airlines to find out how to take a dog home. I had to buy him a carrier and a ticket. You could see the love he had for me in his eyes. We were very close for the 7 years he was here with me. He ended up having cancer and it was heartbreaking to me that I had to put him down. The worst decision of my life. I even took him to a holistic vet. The other one is my daughter. I just love her like no other human being on this earth! We are very close and I just feel so good when we are together. I just feel so at peace and complete. She is only 5 right now. Can't wait to experience all that life has to offer with her. Just weird, I feel I was meant to have her. Like my sole purpose in life was to give birth to her. She is so smart, funny, kind hearted, sweet, thoughtful, loves to learn, loves to draw, loves animals…I could just go on and on.

Wish I had that deep connection with my husband. If I didn't meet my husband, I wouldn't have had a child or my daughter for that fact. I had her when I was almost 42 and tried to have a second but was not able to. I am now 47 and experiencing menopause.

Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts. Be well all and God bless!

    anonymous Nov 26, 2014 3:52pm

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful. I find that pets do come back to us, over and over, through out each and many other lifetimes. I too have a soul connection with my dogs and my daughter – they feel like soul mates to me too. 🙂

    Good luck! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 🙂

anonymous Nov 19, 2014 9:34am

What a wonderful post to read. I love your take on the term, and it resonates deeply. For me, most of my soul mates are friends- deep, connected friends whom I consistently bump into at the perfect time.
I notice most people writing about soul mates reflect on how it did not work out. I'm curious, does anyone find a 'soul mate' and actually partner up with them in life? Can this relationship be sustained? Or are our soul mates merely here to meet up for moments of purpose in our lives before parting ways?
Just a thought.

    anonymous Nov 26, 2014 3:49pm

    Great question! I think the potential is there to partner up and stay that way – as long as everything else kind of works out. Lot's of times, though, the connection is so intense, that there may be lots of "drama." I have known many that feel like soul mates – even my daughter does. I think it is possible to sustain certain soul mate relationships. I find that once karma is burned, though, many times the attraction is gone.

anonymous Oct 10, 2014 10:55am

I met a man similar to the one you described. He caught my eye in a way that’s difficult to describe. We connected so quickly that we had a “whirlwind romance”. Within 3 weeks of meeting we started a relationship. Our greatest connection was through laughter. We were comfortable talking about anything and everything and we would joke about 95% of the time. Unfortunately it seemed like the timing was wrong. We lived in different states. Though we agreed to make the long distance work, he one day just disappeared. He stopped talking to me and to this day I don’t know why and I still want that closure. I hope someday I’ll see him again. Without closure, it’s been a struggle to move on…

    anonymous Oct 13, 2014 6:20pm

    I hope you get that closure, dear one. I just put a letter to an old lover in the mail today. I don't know his address, but I put his name on it with no return address, so it couldn't be sent back to me. I just wanted the closure that would bring. And now I feel better – more complete – like I have closure with him.

    I wish you peace and blessings!

anonymous Oct 1, 2014 7:00am

Beautiful Grace. This just happened to me—I met and spent 6 months with my soulmate. Then he left—just like that. It helps to no others are in the same boat. xo

    anonymous Oct 13, 2014 6:17pm

    Thanks for sharing Ashleigh. I wish you peace, my dear.

anonymous Sep 20, 2014 5:36pm

I find it convenient when someone takes known expressions, and manipulates them for their own purposes. It's called lust.

anonymous Aug 19, 2014 11:18pm

I have met two soul mates. Each from another part of the world.

With the first, I just "knew" him without speaking, and he "knew" me. We had only days together; several fun days. 6 years later, we met up for 3 weeks of friendship and intimacy. I've not seen him now in years, but I still call him my Soul Mate, because the connection we have and had cannot be compared to any other friendship or relationship I've ever experienced. I feel connected to him at all times.

With the second Soul Mate… The moment we saw each other (by chance in a busy crowd), and locked eyes, we both felt the world stop. I couldn't hear anything else around me, and all he could see were my eyes. We "recognized" one another, even though we hadn't spoken. We "coincidentally" met and spoke the next day, kept in touch, and a year later, we are planning to meet on a vacation together. We both agree that we can't predict what will come of it; maybe friends, maybe lovers, maybe nothing. But we both feel connected, and like we NEED to be near one another. My chest expands every time I think of him, even though I've not spent more than one hour in person with him.


    anonymous Aug 20, 2014 3:27pm

    Bravo you! I hope you have such a fabuloso time together! Pls come back here and let me know, okay? I love good stories! Good luck and love to you! 🙂

anonymous Aug 13, 2014 5:29pm

It is happening to me right now, the unrequited soulmate. We first met 30 yrs ago when we were in our teens but never thought anything of it. Then 4 yrs ago we met again online. There was an instant connection. We have feelings for each other but it was very explosive. It was so easy for me to make him upset which is not my intention. I never had a 'relationship' like it. It is emotionally draining. After so many ups and downs for two years, it cooled down. We stayed friends but we don't talk as much. Then this summer, I went back to my home country and finally met him face to face. I was so conflicted. I know I love him but then again I am bound by my commitment to my marriage. I love my husband and my family. We didn't even talk about 'us'. We parted ways and now we're back to where we started. I know that I will not give up my family for him but why do I still think about him? I always have this longing in my heart whenever I think of him. I've had sleepless nights just thinking of this person. RIght now I am confused. IF he is my soulmate, what is it that I need to learn? Why are my feelings so strong? It's as if my heart is aching. :((

    anonymous Aug 20, 2014 3:25pm

    Oh my dear, I am so sorry to hear you are suffering so. It is just not fair! Remember, though, that we all have more than one "soul mate', okay? (Sometimes that helps me. I hope it helps you too) I too have experienced that soul mate feeling along with the explosive nature. When the Dr. Jane letter man happened to me, I went to see a psychic to ask about it. That had been an explosive type of relationship. My question to her was the same as yours: Why, if he felt like a soul mate, aren't we together? She very kindly pointed out the "two freight trains colliding head-on" theory. She explained that sometimes it is just TOO intense – one or both can't handle the energy of it. This kinda sounds like what you 2 may have going on too.

    Sometimes it feels so strong b/c we have unfinished 'karma' with them from other times and places. Sometimes it's b/c we have never been together even though we love each other. So the longing for that grows and grows, becoming stronger and stronger.

    What to do? I always try and find the most troubling lifetime with them so that I can figure it out. So think about visiting a hypnotherapist or check out Brian Weiss' books/CDs/etc. He has audio you can listen to to hypnotize yourself and find past lives. All of his books are amazing too, and might help you too – especially Only Love is Real, b/c it is about soul mates finding each other in hypnosis.

    I wish you the very best with this. I am so glad you have a family to love you. I wish you love. Godspeed.

anonymous Aug 3, 2014 11:04pm

What a great article. Oddly, I hadn't thought of a soul mate as just a lover. In the article you mention soul mates as having had a possible past life experience, or a deja vu feeling. I have had only one experience with a soul mate. I have met "kindred spirits" in others, but only one soul mate. The feeling of familiarity, trust, seeing the world in the same way, and that sense of he "gets" me, are good examples of my experience. But, the level of intense feelings is almost overwhelming. It's an indescribable mixture of emotions. The timing of our meeting was inconvenient. We corresponded, but we haven't seen one another in decades. Often, I feel that I must meet him, or I will never rest. I will always wonder.

    anonymous Aug 4, 2014 4:05pm

    yep, that's a soul mate feeling, alright. I have some of those too – the ones that I wish I was in contact with again, or think about what might have happened if we had not fallen out of touch. I wish you well! Thanks for reading! 🙂

anonymous Aug 3, 2014 9:20pm

Haha! This is a picture of my college roommate and I that a friend took for photo class. Sorry to say I'm engaged to a man instead of her!

    anonymous Aug 4, 2014 3:01pm

    I LOVE this photo! So sweet – and you guys are disgustingly cute! 🙂 Thanks for being a part of this experience! 🙂

anonymous Aug 3, 2014 8:31pm

Hi Grace,

My name is Joe Geyer and i am the photographer that took the photo in this article! I was totally shocked when one of my friends posted the article with my picture. I just have to say great article and thank you for the photo credit at the bottom of the page. If you are so inclined, feel free to change it and link them to my actual website because i don't use pixoto any more. If you feel like changing it. But again, great article and i totally agree that soulmates come in more then one form and you can have many of them. My own personal thought is that they hold a small sliver of your soul and that only they can fill it and help to make you whole again. And they are only there until the shard you are missing has been filled.

    anonymous Aug 4, 2014 3:00pm

    I didn't choose the photo – ej chose it. And I absolutely LOVE it! They always do such great work choosing photos that go with the writing.

    Thanks for the hey! I like your soul theory, too. I'm gonna think about that some… 🙂

anonymous Aug 3, 2014 2:52pm

Yes. This is something I have felt several times in my short lifetime — sometimes it's a subtle feeling. Other times it is so intense it nearly knocks me off of my feet. I often have a difficult time verbalizing the experience, but you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. Thank you so much for this post. It resonates with me. <3

    anonymous Aug 4, 2014 2:58pm

    Thank you! And thanks for reading! 🙂

anonymous Aug 3, 2014 11:06am

I have definitely experienced soul mates in the way you speak of…I can think of two, but one in particular was huge because we both recognized it and ultimately had to let it go. I was in a relationship and I had this memory of a dream I had as a child. The dream was basically the two of us, splitting ways and saying we would see each other again. It was definitely surreal to connect with him 20 something years later, but I imagine it will happen again in another lifetime. It also came at a really appropriate time in my life, helping me to see the problems in the relationship that I had…the next soul mate came a year or so later, helping me to see further into the danger of that same relationship.

    anonymous Aug 3, 2014 4:27pm

    Wow, thanks for sharing that! Good to know I'm not alone. 🙂

Nannette Gryte-Wilson Sep 30, 2018 3:25pm

Beautifully written! This brings me peace and gives me hope. Thank you 😊

Kristi Knutson Sep 18, 2018 7:06pm


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Kerrie Garvey Jan 21, 2017 1:06am

My goodness, I'm speechless.

Jayakrishnan Pg Jan 20, 2017 11:15pm

You got a soul mate for few weeks is better than that I had a soul mate for one day...

Jay Anandan Oct 30, 2016 9:34am

<3 ditto Nandi <3

Helen Shawn Sep 25, 2016 2:27am

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Wayne Blake Pollard Jul 11, 2016 4:00am

So sad and yet so undeniably true. Thank you, <3

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