I Spread My Hands Across Your Back. ~ Savannah Gignac {Poem}

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sexy couple love

I spread my hands across your back.

Each blemish,

each scar,

all the imprints keep me there.


Light my cigarette.

Let me hand this fire off

to a new vice.


Sometimes I need a drag

to distract me,

to stop my stares,

and remind me of the possibility of

your impermanence, your decay.


But don’t worry.

Once I’m done surveying this particular territory,

I’ll still need time to

(R e) s e a r c h

the arch of your brow,

the decline of your nose,

the rise of your chest.


I try to hide my adoration for such landscape,

such celestial design.

Despite my secrecy,

you detect my happiness,

my light heart.


Too many times have you felt this heart tread upon you.


It melts.

It melts into your earth.


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Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Chris RetRato/Pixoto

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About Savannah Gignac

Savannah Gignac is an archivist, writer and urban beekeeper who wishes there were still French salons (or have they all moved to the internet?). Her main interests include writing, digital humanities and photography. She can be found in libraries, art galleries and yoga classes. You can connect with her on Twitter or Pinterest.


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