August 28, 2014

Jyotish Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon Cycle. {August 26th to September 8th}



New Moon is on Monday, August 25th at 09:12 am CDT in Leo and Magha nakshatra.

Moon is conjunct with Sun (also in Magha) and Mercury, also in Leo at this time.

Theme for the coming waxing cycle: Be bold in your actions and let your ancestral legacy remind you of what is important for your actions and intentions.

Read the full details about the new Moon and what it says about this coming waxing cycle.

Full Moon will be in Aquarius and Purvabhadrapada nakshatra on September 8th at 20:38 CDT. More about this full Moon in my next horoscope post and upcoming Moon Mind Calendar. Never miss my Moon Mind posts, sign up for my newsletter.

*New Moon Chart

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 Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon Cycle {August 26th to September 8th}

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: If you build it, they will come. If you think it, it will transpire. If you feel it, it will be lasting. Your emotional well being is at the center of your life process right now. What are you inviting in? What are you closing out? Can you identify what your needs are for comfort, nourishment, support and grounding?

Learn from your mistakes. Build on past experiences. Let self care be your tuning fork. When Mars goes into your 8th house on 9.04, your past inspires new depth. This time, seek lasting change and resolution instead of walking the same old ground. Be courageous in forging a new path for yourself. It’s a time of transformation and change. Keep walking but try a new angle.

Taurus: When heart burn sets in, be sure to have some soothing remedies on hand. Though your tendency is often to cling to a conditioned sense of comfort, you are courageously expanding, growing and developing right now in some very new ways. Perhaps this is allowing you to push beyond your comfort zone and sense your limits, your edge? Hence the heartache, heart burn and emotional irritations perhaps. As Mars moves into your 7th house on 9.04, relationships pack a punch and offer you a very new way to co-create. You will likely need to re-structure the way you have wanted your relationships to be in order to get what you actually need. You may be willing, but are you able?

Gemini: The foreign and unusual has caught your fancy and has your mental body writing some very imaginative tales. Some of these stories are very old and familiar and have kept you head locked for a very long time. It’s really time to be listening to your heart and your emotional/intuitive wisdom in order for you to move forward with your life and to move beyond the old attachments. Ketu is provoking change, endings and letting go of your perceived comforts and support right now. Let sparks fly! Let him restructure your old patterns. Get creative and get courageous! As Mars moves to your 6th house on 9.04, action steps are necessary, but may be a source of confusion. Again, bring it back to the heart for intuitive guidance.

Cancer: Ground and root as you creatively and courageously expand and connect. Your inner fire breathing dragon provokes, challenges and intensifies your offerings. Sparks of imagination are moving you and inspiring possibility and options like never before. It is from your roots and the stability created here, that your infinite creativity arises from. Don’t discount your need for safety and sacred space. As Mars moves into your 5th house, a new demand for play, intelligence and intuitive guidance sets in. Ask for advice and wisdom and dream your dreams. The past may be offering some reruns. Be intentional with how you respond.

Leo: Your head is feeling the heat! It’s rise and shine with courage and career, but others may not be appreciating your shine as much; be aware of the solar flare and glare you are offering. You may need to hand out sunglasses and sunscreen! Calculate your words carefully and share poignantly.

Embodiment and retreats are an excellent use of your time as a resource for grounding, checking in and nourishing yourself. This is especially important because the tendency right now is to be very externally motivated. As Mars moves to your 4th house on 9.04, relationships get a new edge and sense of heat. Be aware of your own emotions, your heart needs and the demands you are placing on others. Be vigilant with your three level check ins and harvesting work for inner tracking.

Virgo: As Mercury exalts in your head on the 29th, your mental body is activated and charged. Look out for overdrive and excess worry and fear though as it conjuncts Rahu the shadow node—also sitting in your head. You are thinking big and wild right now, with thoughts of the foreign and grande desires. Just make sure these are rooted in very clear and conscious action steps that align with long term goals.You don’t want to be wasting your energy unnecessarily.

Relationships may feel fleeting and unstable, albeit hot and passionate; don’t get burned. As Mars moves to your 3rd house on 9.04, courage and creativity get a jump start, which fuels your career. Go with it. Let friends nourish and support you, even if it’s through the computer or only with quick conversations. It may still be a balm for the heart.

Libra: Work is expanding and growing with effort and focus. Slow and steady wins the race as you ripen to a new rhythm and flow. The frustrations and tensions in your head ease up once Mars moves to your 2nd house and into Scorpio on 9.04. Suddenly your focus on money, investments and a sense of security provokes your actions. It is a good time to be consciously working with safety and security issues. What brings lasting stability and support to you from the inside, out? Don’t get lost in the paper chase and overly scattered from your hustle. Take time for meditation and self care even if it feels impossible. Be mindful of friendships and relationships; don’t get burned.

Scorpio: Teach, share, advise, shine and share, connect and create. As Mars moves out of your 12th house and into your first house on 9.04, part of you comes out of hiding! More shine, more aim and more action are provoked, but remember that balance is always the name of the game. Ground, connect and get embodied in order to create sustainable action steps and make all this expansion lasting. There’s a new sense of courage and creativity in you and there’s an ability to activate it. Use this powerful time period to dream big, get motivated and to share in bigger and bolder ways. What are your next steps? Get goal oriented. Don’t let your past haunt you. It’s a new dawn and a new day.

Sagittarius: Old wisdom is keeping your heart afloat, but Ketu is provoking change, restructuring and necessary shifts that stir you within. What are you ready to let go of and lose in order to find a new sense of freedom? Set your heart free. Career is pushing you and may have you in overdrive in the coming weeks—so find a necessary balance with inner and outer life, as well as work/life balance.

As Mars moves to your 12th house on 9.04, retreats, alone time, meditation and vacations may get more attention as a result in the coming weeks. Find a new sense of courage and adventure. The people that you meet along the way may be good for your career so try to be social.

Capricorn: Relationships are providing comfort, nourishment and support. But only through effort and navigating personal boundaries and needs consciously. In other words, the relationships that feel comfortable are the ones you have put the required effort into. Career is getting a boost from your connections and friendships—especially from the old, true blue variety. Enjoy the stability and support and pay close attention to what feels nourishing and supportive, and what does not. Sun and Venus in your 8th house are requiring you to navigate some old patterns and tendencies, inadequacies and emotional wounds. This is a time of learning how to co-create and collaborate. Listen to your heart wisdom. Don’t be a doormat! Shine from the inside out.

Aquarius: Relationships are hot and heated. Are you too close to the fire? Keep some aloe vera on hand for any second hand burns, but be mindful that you aren’t the one spitting the fire. Heart courage is one thing, but taking others down with your ship is another. Stories from the past are feeding your imagination. What new stories do you wish to write for yourself instead? Take your healing into action. Where are you learning and growing in wisdom from? Make this an offering to others. It is very important to get embodied and use somatic awareness right now to keep you grounded. As Mars moves to your 10th house on 9.04, career gets a jump start. You are ready for action steps. Aim, fire and hit your target.

Pisces: You are actively cutting ties that bind you and the attachments that have been holding you back for quite some time. Emotional wisdom is finding a new way with you and helping you ripen and find more inner stability. Your intuition is stronger as a result; trust this and trust your self as you stretch into this new sense of self. Work to communicate effectively with others as you may be easily misunderstood at this time. Sort out what the mental body is saying vs. what the emotional body is saying in order to gain clarity and focus about what you really need and want. Use the three level check ins and harvesting work for inner tracking. Let your discomfort provoke change.


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