August 20, 2014

Photo of a Photo: A Burning Man Story. ~ Helia Jamali

Photo of a Photo


Last year was my second year going to burning man.

I was really excited and had planed it for the whole year. I was beyond inspired by all the art and creativity and I really wanted to do a project.

But I didn’t want to just make art and take it there to burn.

I wanted to do something more than that. I wanted to do something to get people excited and passionate to care enough to collaborate on this art project with me. I wanted to see the power of love and humanity going around and since I always pictured burning man as a blank canvas, it was the perfect opportunity.

So I did a photo project.

I had this mini polaroid camera and a simple idea. One of the most important traditions at burning man is gifting. I decided to take photos of all the beautiful souls that I met at burning man and gift the photo to them, with a sticker on the back with my contact info and instructions. Hoping that they would collaborate with me on this project by sending a “Photo of a Photo” back to me in digital format.

Then I could create a piece out of all the digital photos that I receive. In this way not only will I be able to keep in touch with my new friends, but I can create a beautiful bond that turns into art. Something every single one of us will be part of.

I am so happy and grateful that I met so many beautiful souls and thank you for collaborating with me on this project.

I know it must have been hard to save the photo from all the sand storms, sunset adventures and crazy sunrise parties. Take it home safe and send a digital photo of it back to me. This is the power of love going around. 

Here are some of the photos:










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Helia Jamali

Helia Jamali was born & raised in Tehran-Iran, but currently calls Los Angeles home. She has been in love with art all her life and been pursuing the dream of being an artist since then. She studied calligraphy, sculpting, painting and photography. Then soon realized that communicational arts is the answer to her many problems. Currently being happy, doing art direction in sunny LA. For more, check out Helia’s Facebook page.