August 29, 2014

This is For the Men Who Do Give a F*ck. {Adult}

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In response to: This is For the Women Who Don’t Give a F*ck.

This is an ode to the men who do give a f*ck.

These are the men I look up to with admiration and respect—the men who remind me of the man I want to be:


Men who care about others.

Men able to be strong yet also kind and compassionate.

Men who hold up banners at peace rallies.

Men who go after what they want.

Humble men not captivated by their egos.

Men not threatened by the success of others.

Heroic men.

Men who sing.

Men unafraid to cry or show their feelings.

Men who dance like nobody’s watching.

Men willing to surf the waves without losing their smile.

Men willing to sweat all day.

Men who are devoted to being the best husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, lovers.

Men who give selflessly and get pleasure from giving.

Men who choose women who challenge them.

Grown up men who can look defeat in the face and not lose perspective.

Men who are truly present with their loved ones.

Men who get pleasure from supporting powerful women.

Men who know their purpose.

Men who weed the lawn, change diapers and are not freaked out by menstruation or pregnancy.

Men with someone to love and something to hope for.

Men who know that their most precious possession is a woman’s heart.

Men who see the world through the eyes of kindness.

Men who love children.

Men who love puppies.

Men not afraid to be themselves.

Courageous men.

Men who live with open hearts.

Men who unashamedly embrace facial hair and other manly characteristics.

Grounded men.

Men who honour themselves and choose to spend time with women consciously.

Men with healthy boundaries.

Men who know their worth.

Men who let women go who don’t honour and support them.

Men who love unconditionally.

Men who wear army boots.

Men who swim naked.

Men who stand up for their rights and know their worth.

Men who fiercely protect their women.

Men with a soft side.

Men who embrace their feminine side with an open heart.

Men who are free like birds.

Shy men.

Wild men.

Nomadic men.

Men who don’t live through their penis, but rather live consciously and respect women.

Men who open doors for women.

Men who live and love passionately.

Men who can say “no” without flinching.

Men who don’t give a damn.

Men who stand up for what is right, and defend it with all their heart and soul.

Men who stand up for what is wrong with equal fervour.

Ambitious men.

Resilient men.

Men who ignore society pressure and social norms.

Men who throw caution to the wind.

Men who throw out social conditioning if it no longer serves their soul calling.

Men who ignore titles.

Men with big titles.

Men with conviction and substance who refuse to speak ill of others.

Men who appreciate the value of time:

Men who get up in the morning with a goal in mind.

Men who get away with everything.

Men with impeccable standards.

Responsible men.

Driven men.

A man who can’t be bought or bullied.

A man open to reason, yet not too logical that he loses his capacity for compassion.

Men who prove their ability.

Men who love wildly in the bedroom.

Men who love wildly outside the bedroom.

Tender men.

Men never too busy for love.

Men with a sense of duty and moral obligation, in spite of personal circumstances.

Men aware of consequences.

Men who live in the moment.

Wise men.

Virtuous men.


These are the qualities in a man I want for myself.

These are the type of men I want around. I want to hear from these men.



Date a Boy who Serves.



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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Helgi Halldorsson/Flickr

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