Yoga is a Gateway Drug. ~ Bailey Frumen

Via Bailey Frumen
on Aug 18, 2014
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It begins with a purchase of cute yoga pants.

Something comfortable with stretch to replace those grubby, gray sweatpants you should’ve ditched with your ex-boyfriend. When the friendly girl in next cubicle asks you to go to yoga after work you think, well, I have the pants, let’s go see what it’s all about.

A few asanas, a bit of sweat and sore abs later, you decide that yoga might be your thing. You purchase a 10-class pack and vow to return every day this week. Suddenly you’re opting out of happy hour for Friday night candle-lit yoga class.

You’re hooked.

The next day in class, the teacher mentions chakras—or was it shakras? Not sure, definitely need to look it up.

With your pal, Google, you spend the next hour getting in tune with your chakras—are there seven or nine? The jury’s still out on that one, but did you know there’s one for enlightenment? Really.

It only takes a bit of meditation or standing on your head to access your third-eye chakra for awakening. Sounds good, how do I get started?

You Google meditation, and that’s when you meet the mack-daddy of enlightenment: Deepak Chopra. Right on the screen in front of you, with a polite video introduction, you listen to his soothing voice and think, I could definitely get into this. You also think, why aren’t there any guys like this on Match?

After downloading a few meditations, you light some candles, pull a cushion from the coach and press play.

Time to meditate.

What happens next? Your stomach growls. You remember that you just ran out of Lean Cuisines and start making a grocery list in your head.

Next thing you know, you hear Deepak’s voice telling you to breathe deeply and you chastise yourself because you forgot you were meditating.

Three days later and a trip to buy another pair of yoga pants (gotta have more than one or people might start talking) you find yourself settling into meditation with Deepak and this time you make it the whole way through.

He talks about connection, the law of attraction, and finding your purpose. Seriously, why aren’t there any guys like this on Match? You feel really good, kinda light, kinda high—is this enlightenment? Not sure yet, but it sure feels good.

Over the next six months, you’ve got a couple of new outfits, a favorite yoga studio, a slight girl-crush on your instructor and you’re contemplating a trip to an ashram next year for yoga teacher training.

Compliments from friends abound—from your perfectly round yoga booty to your new zen attitude. You feel pretty freaking fantastic.

Yoga is a gateway drug to feeling naturally high.

You slide down the rabbit hole of pure pleasure, connection, satisfaction and green juice.

Here are some tips to make yoga a part of your everyday life.

Five Ways to Do More Yoga in Your Life.

1. Set Aside Time for Yourself.

Life can be overwhelming, but when we make time for ourselves, our yoga practice and even our meditation, we can take a deep breath to reevaluate what’s really important.

On the mat, unplug and just be you—not an employee, a mom, a wife or a boss.

2. Start Small.

In life and yoga there are many-leveled experiences. It’s important to stay on your mat by focusing on your individual practice.

Comparing yourself to someone else’s practice can leave you feeling less than and frustrated. Just start small wobbling through each asana. Small steps (and lots of patience) can yield big results over time.

3. Ease into it.

The name of the game is to invite ease into your world and your yoga practice.

Stick to what feels best for your body. Every body is different and each day in your body can feel different too.

Don’t push too hard, where you are today is just where you are supposed to be.

4. Relish Silence.

Silence is a rare gift.

Your hour on the mat is a gift to connect to your inner voice and deep desires. With practice, you’ll get further both physically and mentally by listening to your inner voice.

This is your time to tap into the seat of intuition and connection that lets your heart and soul sing.

5. You are Stronger Than You Think You Are.

In so many ways, yoga is a true reflection of your life experience. Life can offer twist and turns, many of which are unexpected.

When we give ourselves the time and patience to rise to the challenge (even on our mat), we often impress ourselves by learning that we are stronger than we think we are.



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About Bailey Frumen

Bailey Frumen is a psychotherapist and lifestyle design coach. She helps ambitious women accomplish more in less time. Her approach is simple. Being owned by a checklist is not the way. Instead we’ll redesign your life on your own terms.

She’s gone from stressed out to savoring her life. As a Lifestyle Design Coach and licensed therapist, she helps you do more of what you love. You’re only a few shifts away from peace.

Follow Bailey’s work. Connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter at @lifeloveroadmap.


33 Responses to “Yoga is a Gateway Drug. ~ Bailey Frumen”

  1. Katie says:

    Love this Bailey!!! Perspective. Self-love. Truth.

  2. Bee Melchiano says:

    Awesome article! So true.

  3. Carly says:

    Great article Bailey, you have a way with words! Have to agree that silence is a rare gift these days!

  4. joanna says:

    Love your wit! It wasn't exactly my path to yoga but the excitement is the same. Congrats on your first article!

  5. Thanks Katie, self-love is where it's at. We've got to make time to connect with ourselves to discover (and define) our truth.

  6. Thanks Bee, we each have our own path to bliss. Yoga is definitely a gateway to bring us to a place where we commit to ourselves.

  7. Karen Sasine says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Bravo! Love the wit about it.

  8. Patty says:

    So Great!!!!

  9. Dana Nolan says:

    Great article!

  10. Thanks Carly!! Listening to your inner voice is essential to finding the truth in your deepest desires. Silence helps to facilitate this experience.

  11. Thanks for your support and kind words, Joanna!!

  12. Aww, thanks Karen, so happy that you enjoyed the article. Lot's more wit (and sass!) over on the blog: http://www.BaileyFrumen,com/blog

  13. Thanks Patty! 🙂

  14. Lisa says:

    Good advice for beginners and experienced yogis alike. Stay connected to the true purpose of your practice, rather than

    Getting caught up in the hype.

  15. Todd Bariso says:

    Good Stuff Bailey!!! Much Luck to you. Tell your Hubby he has to take the ice bucket challenge!!!! LOL! Enjoy!!!!

  16. Thanks Dana!! 🙂

  17. So true, Lisa. You've got to make your own way…don't get caught in the hype 🙂

  18. Kelly Quinn says:

    Love it!!! You had me at getting rid of the gray grubbies you should have ditched with your ex! HA! Keep entertaining, capturing the heart of the matter and staying true to your writing, look forward to the next article from you!

  19. Peggy Nolan says:

    Nice job Bailey. Loved the whole reference 🙂

  20. As someone who came to yoga through meditation first, stayed practicing regularly for seven long years; got the itch to leave and for the most part, left; all this is sort of true. Came strongly back to meditation. And other, more grounded, doable and least-contraindicated for my conditions, mind-body practices. Or dance.

    Guess that's the effect of having had the "hard drugs" first; and not being anywhere NEAR 25 years of age …

    This just in: aging is this THING …

  21. Woo hoo to you, my friend! Cracking up over the mention. Easing into a new life sounds good to me. 🙂

  22. Matt says:


  23. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness, Bailey! Loving this article – loved the "mack-daddy of enlightenment" LOL! You have a great voice in your writing and I feel super connected! <3 Also I couldn't agree with you more on the topic of this article. It's so true that yoga is totally the gateway drug for today's young ambitious ladies out there to become total superwomen of their own lives! Woohoo, Bailey! :*

  24. Heather says:

    Mmmh, mmmh, good! ready to go pull out my pair of yoga pants and design a life I love.

  25. Amanda says:

    This is great! My journey started 3 years ago with a broken heart and a Groupon for 10 classes. I am now a different person because of my practice, meditation, the community, retreats, etc.

  26. laportama says:

    Cute article.
    (except for Chopra — not only do I have mixed feelings about his performance the past few years, but calling him "Mack Daddy" is actually derogatory and vulgar; that may actually be perfect.)
    In 2003 at US1 Fitness in North Miami, I happened to be in the gym several days and noticed a group of poised, (?) serene, lithe folks, mostly women but the teacher (Peter Barber, Anusara-influenced) was equally spare and intelligent-looking male, so I decided to go see what it's about. I was hooked in the 1st downward dog with two thoughts that came to me spontaneously: 1) leave these girls alone, and 2) this is the first thing I'm ever going to allow myself to be bad at.

    I realize that referring yoga as a gateway drug is meant to be a humorous metaphor, but that's not a good thing. Drugs reduce capacity and connection. And many people come to yoga from other discipines.

    All in good fun.
    And the girls have WAY better yoga clothes.

  27. Meghan Cleveland says:

    Love it Bailey.. Awesome job! Yoga is my love- I've gotten out of the habit this summer.. & this makes me want to get back into it PLUS add meditation to my life. You rock!

  28. Thanks for the love Kelly!! I will definitely let you know when you next article is out 🙂

  29. Thanks Peggy! 🙂 A girl has to infuse some humor every once in a while!

  30. Thanks for sharing your journey Amphibi1yogini, we all approach yoga at different times, leave at different stages, and as you've experienced, return in our own time 🙂

  31. Thanks Michele, I appreciate your unwavering support 🙂

  32. Oh Amanda! What a great story, it's so true that we really have our own journey, I am so happy to hear that yours included a journey of healing.

  33. kacey roy says:

    Love this article Bailey! This article reminded me to get back some "me" time… and realize that it does not take much, just a few minutes a day can make all the difference. can;t wait to see you all soon! Congrats mama, you a re a rock star!