September 17, 2014

22 Life Enhancing things to do With Our Breath. ~ Michael Mark {Poem}

Tiger yawn breath

Listen to it as though God were whispering to you.

Follow it.

Wrap yourself in it like a faux fur blanket and stretch out

and nap.

Land your entire life between the in and the exhale.

Be enchanted by it.

Do a duet with it.

Ride it like a wave from nose to lung to wishbone.

Be reborn by it 23,040 times a day.

Let it open your hips and reach places no x-ray,

MRI, sonogram will ever see.

Pleasure all your muscles and organs with it.

Pleasure someone else’s muscles and organs with it.

Play with it.

Hold it.



Roar it out.

Or hold it even longer.

Lower your temperature through your mouth.

Create heat through your nose.

Listen to it as though God were whispering to you—yes, again!

You covered everything in one chat?

Take it like a pen and inscribe your name in your heart.

Let it tell you the truth.

Say thank you with it for being your constant,

every second of every minute of every hour of every everything

companion, nurturer, healer, lover.

Or breathe.

Remember, it is never just a breath.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Dan Sisken/Pixoto



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