September 13, 2014

A Heart-Blowing List of Things to be Grateful for.


A movement has been going around Facebook in which, for five days, a person posts three things they are grateful for, whilst tagging a couple of people each day to do the same.

This is a great idea.

The posts ripple out positive energy into the ether. They make people feel good.

Being grateful is a sophisticated way to operate in life. When we’re conscious of the ingredients in our lives which we should be eternally thankful for, we’re more likely to be content.

If our general attitude towards our experience is to look for the wonderful, the positive, and the inspiring—then the little things in our lives that don’t go exactly the way we wish would melt into the fire of our peace.

They’re accepted without a big fight from our ego.

Our egoic desires and expectations generally are the source of our suffering, which is reinforced again and again working in the Community Services sector. For example, if we’re inflexible in terms of how we want a certain reality to unfold, then it’s likely that we will be discontent if they turn out another way.

For our own well-being, we need to accept and embrace the things we cannot change, even if we don’t like them.

A big part of my job is to consistently remind my clients to focus on the aspects of their lives which encourage them to be thankful. So when I see these types of social media fads, which inspire a focus on the positive, instead of the negative, I’m reminded of how important they are in helping countless people around the world to make their day just that little bit brighter.

Enter the aim of this article. By writing ‘A Heart-Blowing List of Things to be Grateful for’, I hope I also inspire its readers to recognize and reinforce the things that they are also thankful for too.

After all, it’s great for our health to be grateful.

  • Listening to inspirational masterpieces of positivity and genuine personal stories of triumph.
  • The fact that light always illuminates the dark but the dark cannot darken the light.
  • Hot showers.
  • The small things.
  • The free things.
  • Delicious and healthy food.
  • Robin Williams, Joan Rivers and the humor they gifted the world.
  • The bird that pooped on that person that wasn’t us.
  • All those who have given so much inspiration to the world.
  • Genuine, compassionate and empathetic people.
  • The beautiful energy that every single person is and will forever be.
  • The waves of the ocean and a snow-coated mountain.
  • Love and lust.
  • The gift of connection—sometimes we sail through life in a turbulent sea of judgement, but in that darkness a lighthouse shines that we’re drawn towards. The real and genuine connections that we share with only the fewest of people are always held in high regard.
  • The gift of inner peace—life is a rollercoaster; the emotional highs and lows are to be expected, but the one thing that can remain the same is our contentment, all we have to do is choose it. Once we genuinely know how to find our inner peace, we can live in alignment with our true nature: love.
  • The gift of spirit—we are each a flame in the fire. Our ego is our flames heat, but we are always a flame which is linked to the entire blaze. The more we align our flame to the fire, the brighter and bigger we burn. In a sense we’re always alive; we’re forever roaring in the eternal inferno.
  • When we trip whilst we’re walking and it turns into an impromptu dance session.
  • Every animal on earth; especially Ravens, they’re awesome.
  • Boobs—just because they’re awesome too.

  • When an insect like a bee or a dragonfly hovers in our face, says hello and then goes about its day.
  • Music, including some Aussie hip hop, which brings rad energy to the collective mindset—they contribute good vibrations to the symphony of the newer generations who will primarily lead with their heart.
  • Catching up with some old friends—it might be over unfortunate circumstances like a funeral of a mutual friend, but it’s always great to catch up with some social circles which influenced who we are today.
  • The dude who was walking his cat down the street.
  • Alcohol and its (self-coordinated) ability to amplify the good times.
  • Mind & heart expanding tools such as meditation and the psychedelics.
  • Coffee and its ability to hit the spot just when we need it.
  • The little experiences with strangers which happen each day that makes our heart smile.
  • A car park which impeccably opens up for us.
  • That guy who always has his parrots with him.
  • Our partners in crime, whether they are our intimate loves or our best mates.
  • Our pets, which give us pure love, non-judgment and many health benefits.
  • Sports and healthy competition.
  • Ingenious ways to keep fit (such as sex, snowboarding or bushwalking).
  • Meditation in action (such as reading, adrenalin activities, exercise, sex again and laughing).
  • All the wisdom expressed by many cultures over many generations which is at our fingertips with one click.
  • The internet and its contributing role of interconnecting humanity and sharing information so needed by so many people and so many revolutions.
  • That shopping trolley with a life of its own which tests the sophistication of our patience.
  • The growing community of mindful people.
  • Uggies and our warm-ass feet.
  • The person chasing the paperwork they dropped in the wind.
  • Mother Nature and her unparalleled majesty.
  • Water and its ability to heal, quench and make us feel good.
  • The technological achievements of humanity.
  • A relatively mature global culture which is striving to resolve the injustices of inequality, hatred, racism, bigotry and environmental pillage.
  • That everyday we can help people, whether it be in our job, the street or via the internet and social media.
  • Tapping into our creative passions, such as my recent writing adventure and the diversity of people that it has not just reached, but also touched in a meaningful way.
  • People who generally lead with their heart and not their ego-projected issues i.e. genuine people who genuinely care for others.
  • That old man that we always see walking the street with a cheesy grin on his face.
  • The mysterious nature of reality and its innate encouragement to keep us striving for clarity of understanding and peace of mind and heart.
  • A good old fashioned dance bust out.
  • Fire!
  • Good times with good people.
  • The opportunity to travel to so many mind blowing places on earth.
  • Inner peace, freedom, philosophy, fun, creativity, curiosity, passion, empowerment and enlightenment.
  • The word Fuck and its versatility.
  • The fact that I can make this list and that I could keep going for hours if I wanted to.

I hope this has reminded those who needed it that there is a huge array of reflections to be grateful for in our lives.

One of our primary goals as a human being on this planet is to ensure that we establish and maintain our contentment. If this is something you need to work on and are unsure where to start, then begin with making a list of things that you’re grateful for in your life because it’s guaranteed to put you back into a positive and thankful perspective.




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