September 6, 2014

Consciousness is Sexy.


I’ve been traveling the world for six years.

When I first left the world I knew, my soul was in the midst of great transformation.  Truth was that I knew nothing at all—not what my purpose was in life, not what the future held, not what I wanted out of life, or even how to want.

Surely I had no idea what a conscious, awakened life was.

Though I had a deep, ongoing, dedicated yoga practice for eight years at the time, which meant layers of wounds, old stories, old patterns fell away daily, I myself could only reach a certain level of consciousness while still living within an unconscious world.

My old world encouraged living an unconscious, comfortable, secure life—seductive and alluring. We are told this is the Dream, it is the “right” way to live: achieve higher education, follow in your parents’ footsteps and work a respectable job which affords you a regular, decent paycheck.

Marry the love of your life—as prescribed by Hollywood movies—buy a home with a sizeable mortgage, and work the remainder of your life to pay off that pretty bill.

95 percent of people are more than content to live the Standard Dream. They are none the wiser or aware that there are other ways to exist in our great and vast Universe.

Not all of it is “bad,” don’t get me wrong. There is something to be said for being surrounded by community, by family, by your loved ones. For living out your days with the ones you love most in the world.

We must stop and ask ourselves, though, if this is truly the case. Are the people in our surrounding community supporting our soul’s evolution? Are we surrounded by conscious beings who are capable of supporting us in creative, open-hearted, loving ways?

We must be awake ourselves in order to ask such questions. When asleep, it matters not if your neighbor can be one of your soul’s guides, if you are unable to receive the messages.

As I awoke to my truth, to pure essence and pure being, the entire world came into crystal clear focus, including many aspects of who I am at the core.

A very simple yet powerful knowing flowed from my truth: “Consciousness is Sexy.”

It flowed for me that this is my company’s slogan, since everything I create has the intention of helping people become awake, conscious and tuning into their own truth.

The message “Consciousness is Sexy” resounded loud and clear as the words vibrated through the matrix and cosmos. Reactions varied.

“What is ‘Consciousness’” asked some.  “Love that! What does it mean?” asked others.  I’ve also heard, “As a person working on my own consciousness, I’m turned off by that [saying]”.

The reactions were distinct, and strong, never anything in between.

We seem so lost in the material world that most people have disconnected with what “truth” means, how to connect with their own truth and intuition, how to distinguish their own thoughts and desires from thoughts of those around them.

I wonder: has our unconscious, asleep, capitalistic, patriarchal society completely bastardized the image of sexuality in its purest form so that we are no longer in touch with the essence of who are as souls, as conscious beings, as pure energy and essence?

To the point that perception of sex and sexuality has been so distorted and misused, we have lost our value as beautiful creatures made of energy operating on a pure level of basic atomic attraction—sexy in it’s most natural form?

For the most part, people dig the concept and possible truth that “Consciousness is Sexy.” It seems their intuition cries, “Yeeesssss, it is!” Maybe it just is, without any articulation necessary, much like our own being-ness.

Always looking at life from a million angles, I am compelled to inquire why people respond with a resounding yes when they hear Consciousness is Sexy. Surely it is not the Sexy?

Or is it?

This is some of what I heard.

1. What does “Consciousness Is Sexy” mean to you?

Sexy is that attraction or pull towards something you want to have, do, or be and living (BEing) in consciousness is connection, understanding, , compassion… of course that’s sexy. ~ Sunshine

It means being in touch! Touching the inner and outer, self and other. In order to do so I feel you really need to see beyond the cloudy image created by a pre conditioned mind. Don’t judge, especially not on behalf of someone else’s parameters. Be free of that and love yourself, then others, for what they truly are. ~ Nina

Having awareness of yourself and others exudes a sense of confidence which is quite attractive. ~ Samia

Sexy as sexuality is a big part of consciousness, sexual energy is a part of consciousness; As our consciousness expands, so does understanding of “sexy’ changes; as a few years ago “Sexy: to me would mean “erotic”, as now I perceive “sexy” as “creative, self accepting and loving, nurturing and self actualizing”. ~ Y ury

2. If you use the word Conscious, Consciousness, or Sexy, how do you define them?

Awareness put into action. That is what consciousness is for me. And sexy is when you are conscious“enough of yourself to acknowledge the true beauty within you. That is when your natural beauty is allowed to shine through. That is really so sexy! ~ Nina

3. Does this slogan apply to your or your life? If so, how?

It most certainly applies. I practice consciousness as much as possible, stringing together as many moments of presence as possible to create a sexy, beautiful life. ~ Sunshine

Yes, it does! I practice putting it into action every day. I don’t want to say that I always succeed 100 percent on a personal level but I build my everyday causes around it.

As an entrepreneur, I embrace it for my business. My life revolves around designing and bringing beautifully furniture to peoples homes, that have been manufactured sustainable and with focus on the corporate social responsibility of my business. So everyone involved in the process can feel truly sexy about it! As the customer of cause! ~ Nina

I think so… as a person who lives my life in a conscious, yet flowing way, I think it creates some kind of attraction… I am not saying attraction in the ‘sexual’ way, rather using the word as a sexy as a word of attraction… energetic attraction. ~ Samia

4. Is this an empowering statement?

Sure! It opens doors to peoples hearts!!Everyone has the ability to become conscious! So everyone can be sexy. You only need to realize how truly special and unique you are. ~ Nina.

Definitely! The conscious living movement is growing all the time. Perhaps some people may feel a bit dull when they first walk away from the glitter of unconscious, but pretty soon they find that living with presence, deep connection, authenticity, and compassion is far more sparkly than any other kind of glitter! ~ Sunshine

Yes… I love it. I think it gives us a sense of  ‘ take the reigns of life and be in charge of our own well being and radiate the  it out into the world. ~ Samia

Live your truth. Awaken to your highest potential. Shine bright.

If your path leads you to a conscious life full of love, perhaps you will also find that in your life.

Consciousness is Sexy.



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