Empty Arms. ~ Kim Haas {Poem}

Via Kim Haas
on Sep 7, 2014
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Photo: Travis Simon via Flickr

Golden leaves

spill forth from her heart.

Lush, brittle stars

drift on air unseen.




Life changing.

Changing lives.

Changing her life,

her body.

Skin now bathed in indigo.


now cerulean,

trace inky patterns

down her face

as she cradles

the air in front of her.

Cradling emptiness.


Empty nest.

Those arms

yearning for memories,

grasping for ghosts,

holding an ethereal


Remembering when her children

were so small

they fit into those arms


Cradling that soft new skull

in her palm.

Mesmerized by the

soft pulse pulse pulse

beneath that oh so thin layer of skin.

Those days.

Those days

when she so often longed for





As if it was one word.

Longed for time alone.

Longed for space to think.

To just be.

Now she has it.

So much time.

So much space.

And she doesn’t know what to think.

She doesn’t know who to be.

She doesn’t know how to be.

She doesn’t yet know

how to be

a woman with

empty arms.


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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Travis Simon via Flickr


About Kim Haas

Kim Haas lives in Michigan with her husband and their two amazing daughters. She does not have a BA or MFA but is learning the craft of writing the old fashioned way—through lots of reading and writing followed by more reading and writing. She recently became a certified yoga teacher because yoga changed her life and she hopes to offer the same possibility  to her students. She enjoys an unexpected good library day, indie bookstores, indie films and loves a good pun, or even a bad one. Visit her blog where she ponders all the ways that the art of practice permeate her life, like her Facebook page or you can follow her on Twitter.


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