September 5, 2014

I Give a F*ck. {Adult language}


yes all women. 1

(Warning severe hippopotamus sized F bombs ahead!)

Two people have wrote “Here’s to the people who give a fuck“ type articles since I published “Here’s to the Women who don’t give a fuck.

Just to clarify—I do give a fuck, sometimes.

I give a fuck that 780 million people lack access to clean drinking water.

I give a fuck that they still haven’t brought back our girls.

I give a fuck that our kids are wasting time bullying, rather than picking each other up.

I give a fuck about the fact I saw more garbage than fish in Sumbawa when I was snorkeling.

I give a fuck that 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.

I give a fuck that some of the make up I have worn has been tested on animals.

I give a fuck where my meat comes from, how it’s raised, what it eats, how it’s killed.

I give a fuck that women feel so pressured by media and society to stick their fingers down their throats to be “pretty.”

I give a fuck that in Myanmar, Venezuela and North Korea trafficking is not illegal and commonly practiced.

I give a fuck about one of the men who was forced to “pleasure” himself with a broken glass bottle by a group called “Occupy Pedophilia.” (A group of homophobic cowardly men who lure gay and transgender peolpe off dating websites and then torture and humiliate them on camera.)

I give a fuck that some people in our world do not acknowledge that souls will love souls, and it has nothing to do with sex.

I give a fuck that every 22 minutes in India a woman is raped.

I give a fuck that one in four females in Canada will be sexually abused in her life.

I still give a fuck about the two young girls who were raped while going to pee in India, and hung from a tree to “make an example.”

I give a fuck that when I told a woman about those two girls in India she said, “Well, thank god we live in Canada.”

I give a fuck about the women who have no rights who don’t live in Canada.

I give a fuck for the homeless man I passed in Vancouver a month ago, who had his head hung, lips cracked in the blazing heat.

I gave a fuck so bad I bought him some potato chips and a bottle of water even though I had a hundred bucks in my account.

I give such a fuck about animals.

I give a fuck that they are starving, flea infested, abused. I give a fuck that they have no voice.

I give a fuck about the people in Todos Santos who used to be afraid to let their children walk alone in the streets because of the packs of dogs with rabies roaming.

I give a fuck so bad that I flew down to Guatemala and spent 10 days covered in shit and fleas volunteering in a rabies campaign.

A rabies campaign a group of human beings, who also give a fuck, raised 85% of the proceeds for—so a community doesn’t have to travel eight hours by chicken bus for veterinary care.

I give a fuck that many animals in zoos are unhappy.

I give a fuck about cock fights, dog fights, bull fights and anyone who thinks it’s okay to torture animals for entertainment.

I give a fuck how many pesticides are on the apple I am eating.

I give a fuck about art, and creating art that I am proud of.

I give a fuck about litter bugs.

I give a fuck about my body; I take care of it.

I give a fuck about living. I want to stretch this life as wide as I can, till it snaps and gets bigger.

I give a fuck & then some.



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Editor: Travis May

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Read 7 comments and reply

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