September 23, 2014

Pieces of a Forgotten Utopia: From a Memoir of an Alien. ~ Robert Pistor {Poem}

Little Creepy Guy by Orin Zebest

I have never witnessed such beauty in a life form world, a masterpiece far away.

It is like nothing I’ve ever seen, a glorious delight I must say.
There is so much blue and green, they call it sea and land
You can climb its body or burrow beneath its sand
The sun feels warm here and the stars are perfectly bright
It breaks apart the time, into something they call day and night
I’ll write again in a few thousand years…

There are highs and lows on its surface, they call them mountains and plains
The sky drops different types of beautiful liquids, called snow and rains.
There is something called seasons, colors change and temperature range
A beautiful transformation that all seems so exquisitely strange
I’ll write again in a few thousand years…

There is life here that play and fight in harmony; a balanced natural creation
The four legged creatures and those with wings all seem to know their relation
There is instinctive nurture amongst the species and protection from their rival
At days end, all deaths are necessary; a sacrifice for each other’s survival
I’ll write again in a few thousand years…

A new species of a different depth has arrived with logic and reason

Their depths are too complex to be satisfied through each coming season
They are aware of their superiority and exercise it with a false bravery
So they shaved the creatures of their hair, and brought them into slavery
It is the dawn of a new day, a concept called pleasure has been introduced
I’m afraid the humans are unaware of the danger that this will produce
I’ll write again in a few thousand years…

The humans created complex notions that turned their existence into some sort of game
Their own being broken into false dilemmas of pleasure and pain; loss and gain
So they created a God to assist them, but it stirs more confusion and debate
Everything to them seems to fall into extreme emotions of love or hate
Love is something they wall want, but seems to most an illusion
Just like their God, it seems to cause hostility and confusion
If it’s missing, they feel at loss, it affects the way they view their lives
But, if they have it, they eventually seem at odds with it, no longer revived.
I’ll write again in a few thousand years…

Complex notions became much broader and human unity is in despair
War is rampant, stirred by differing notions on gods and life; there is fire everywhere
Survival seems to be based on unifying these notions for all of humanity
But, they’ve multiplied too quickly; this concept seems nothing short of insanity
There is fire everywhere, there is pain; I don’t understand this idea of victory
There notions of love and god now all feel so contradictory
I’ll write again in a few thousand years…

The aftermath of all the war seems numbing. There is little remorse for all of the death
Humans walk the earth with little empathy for the lives of those with a different breath
It’s a fragmented species now, far unlike the creatures I observed so many years past
I don’t explore this place so freely now; as a foreign creature, I’m considered an outcast
I’ve been here thousands and thousands of years now, from the beginning of creation
Yet today, I feel naïve thinking that a creature like me would be free from alienation.

I often think of the place I used to admire, when creatures roamed free, before all the fire.

Before there were measures on existence; when a life worth living was free of desire.
I’ve learned that love is only an illusion when it is predicated with selfish conditions
I’m afraid that my observations are turning into notions, instead of mere compositions.
I’ve seen this disease of the mind develop, and I fear I’m becoming susceptible
So, I’ll be banking off the Northeast winds in the morning, for a place more acceptable
I won’t be writing again…





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Apprentice Editor: Carrie Marzo/Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Orin Zebest / Flickr

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