Bring Your Life into Harmony.

Via on Jun 29, 2012

When was the last time that what you did, spoke, thought and felt were synchronized with each other?

Your stomach is rumbling, but you don’t feel like eating. You’re uttering words, but don’t believe what you’re saying. You want to feel gratitude, but somehow it escapes you.

How often have we felt this dissociation in our lives?

When our mind, body and emotions don’t align with each other, we are dissociated from ourselves. There is a separation between parts of you that are meant to make you whole.

Most of the time, this disconnection occurs because we have responsibilities toward other people and things or it’s a cultivated habit. At those junctions, we have not yet developed the mindset to easily have our actions, thoughts and words be synchronized. Other times the separations between what we say and feel, between what we feel and think, between our intuition and our actions, are a matter of discord and emotional unrest.

How many times during the day, week or month do we pay attention to the disparity between our parts? This dissimilarity has a sneaky way of getting into the fibers of our body when we’re working, teaching and engaging in our relationships.

Unfortunately, modern age does not allow for personal congruity to be a priority.

Bringing harmony within our elements is a task that has to be made a continual responsibility for it to become a habit.

But every time we notice that we are dissociated from one critical part of ourselves, we move one step closer to perhaps one day, alleviating our internal separation in everyday life, thus allowing our parts to become the whole it was meant to be, little by little, moment by moment.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” ~ M. Gandhi


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Rajni Tripathi is a Multidisciplinary Yoga instructor & Prenatal teacher in Conscious and Sacred Birthing. She's a Fur-a-holic (addicted to anything 4-limbed & furry), fierce reader and prone to spontaneous bouts of joy. Through yoga, meditation and practiced patience, Rajni operates on the belief that one’s life and its' discovery need not be dictated by another’s dogma or judgement. When not scheduled, she can be found musing with literature, music & her loved ones. If books are her haven, then music is her solace. She frolics through her mind and drowns out the noise at Dancingrealm and twitter.


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