October 1, 2014

The Sun Loves You. {Poem}

Helga Weber/Flickr

The Sun Loves You.

Stand there
For a moment more
And let me see you in the light
Do not move
I beg of you
For the image is just right.

Nature’s brush
The truest stroke
There is nothing left to do
Embrace the warmth
There is no doubt
The Sun’s in love with you.

You are there, standing beautifully in the morning sun, lost in thought while loving the soft grass between your toes. The cool breeze lightly blows your hair as you stare of into that heaven of your heart, and the very essence of nature seems to bow to your presence.

We writers can have a mystical way of looking at things.

The way sunlight makes beautiful eyes sparkle, the way it paints the subtle lines of beauty. I can close my eyes and see it all with vivid detail, barely noticing the sigh that escapes my lips in the process. A sigh can be a mantra of sorts, reminding us of a dream that inspires us, of a passion that fuels us, a desire that makes the unreal real in a way that speaks of unlimited possibility.

Yes, this moment in my heart can exist. Yes, this feeling that shrouds my entirety is reality. Yes, possibility can be realized potential not quite solidified. It can also just be something realized in a moment of truth. Sometimes there is simply nothing wrong with dreaming the dream.

Another sigh. There is no doubt. The Sun’s in love with you.





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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Helga Weber/Flickr

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Read 1 comment and reply

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