September 12, 2014

When the Leaves Die.

leaves fall color

Is it wrong that I feel so alive as the leaves on the trees die?

I feel a sense of awakening with my body.

As the seasons change from winter to spring, the world blossoms and blooms. Everything comes alive. From spring to summer we experience the warmth, like a big giant hug from our mother.

But fall to winter, this is when I come alive—when the leaves die.

The fall brings a crispness to the air. And the sun, oh when it just kisses your skin ever so softly, it’s the one of the most sensual feelings. It’s not like the summer’s rays that are harsh and right upon us; it’s a soft and delicate kiss that lingers and warms us while the crisp air dances through our hair.

And the leaves! They turn to such radiant colors, exuding Mother Nature’s beauty.

My soul radiates just as the leaves do.

It turns a deep passionate conglomerate of all fall colors.

The red represents the love, the desire I feel—I yearn for. The passion that dwells deep within my heart for loving life and love itself.

The brilliant yellow represents the happiness and joy I feel deep within my soul. The smile upon my face.

The pep in my step.

The deep embering orange represents the constant fire I feel. The drive, the passion, which makes up everything about this soul, mind, and body of mine.

As the leaves change to immaculate art, so does my mind, my creativity. Fall brings out from the depths of my soul the words, the movement, the song that my soul was meant to sing.

It brings about a freshness where as the last few months I have felt stagnant and worn down.

Then as the leaves die, I stay so alive, so aware of my every being. I am fully aware of myself, of what I want, what I need, what my life purpose is. Fall brings about in me a sense of conquering myself, my own demons, my own setbacks.

With each falling leaf I am letting go of all the things that do not serve me.

Mother Nature has given me Fall as a gift each and every year. It’s her way of saying “Here you go Hannah, here’s to your creativity and love of life! Enjoy it!”

I crave her gift! I crave the crackling fire. The cold crisp air. The sound of the acoustic guitar and our voices singing along.

I crave you comforting me while are wrapped up in wool blanket I’ve woven for our slumber. I crave the smells of apples and cinnamon, pumpkin and spice. The warmth of the whiskey heating up my blood.

As each season passes, I patiently await the gift from my Mother. The gift of life.

Fall is a time to sit back and reflect on the importance of the cycle of life. Embrace the beauty of the life you live. Embrace the change that is coming your way. Embrace each moment for it is yours.

Each leaf falling to the ground is the Universe’s gift to you allowing you to let go of all that does not serve you.

Fall is a time to build an empire within ourselves…the one we are destined to inhabit.

Take time to make your way outside. Grab a blanket, a book, a journal, your favorite tunes, and a cup of tea.

Sit amongst the earth and let Her fill your heart with Her love.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Sampada Shahasane at Pixoto


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