September 20, 2014

When Your Dreams Scare the Sh*t Out of You. ~ Sarah Rose

127/365 "In dreams, we enter a world that's entirely our own."

When it’s time to leave the nest and venture into the world, most of us are operating from limiting beliefs (whether we know it or not) that drive 90 percent of our actions.

Limiting beliefs and self-doubt keep us from wanting to stick our neck out, ensuring we stay within the confines of “normal,” hiding our wildest desires and unique gifts from the scrutiny of public opinion and what others may think.

While playing out what we “should” be doing, thinking or acting on, according to the pre-conceived notions and limited beliefs of others, we inevitably tell ourselves a story of bondage that keeps us caged, like a bird with clipped wings.

I recognize that when I gave myself permission to dream outside of what would be considered my “normal,” I experienced fear-like emotions. The realization hit me that until this point on my journey, I’ve been compromising, dancing around dreams like the pink elephant in a room, aware of its presence but lacking the courage to talk about them, for fear of being judged or sounding crazy.

I remember when I used to journal my dreams, desires and intentions. It wasn’t until I really started to loosen the straps on the pre-conceived boundaries I’ve built, enough to dare to dream my wildest dreams, that I got knots in my stomach.

My ego, hell bent in keeping me stuck, dared me to be great and dream of my soul’s deepest desires.

The real scare set in not when I realized I may fail at my dream, because the world will always be quick to point out the many ways I may “fail,” but rather when I innately knew I have everything within my power to pull it off!

When I realized the sky is not my limit, anything is possible, and that dreaming big and actually believing in me was the only thing that stands in the way of my dreams becoming my reality, that’s when the fear set in. This glimpse of my magnificent potential was, well, overwhelming. I had taken full responsibility, and that can be scary, when there are no more crutches to fall back on.

If you’ve experienced this then you know that once you’re consciously aware you’re selling out on your own life experiences, selling yourself short time and again, or neglecting your true nature, you cannot go back! This realization and wake-up call—called life—settles in as a constant reminder.

When your dreams scare you, realize you’re on the precipice of defining life on your own terms. Embrace the awareness of this beautiful moment of choice. This choice will be marked with an act of courage.

It will take courage because it requires you have faith, and embody trust within yourself, wholly and completely. It will take courage because you will be called to step forward consciously and willingly, while unaware of where it may lead you. It will take courage because when you succeed at what you dared yourself to dream, the same pack of “normal” people you initially had to separate yourself from, may judge and seeks ways to discredit your success. Pay them no attention.

The universe has a fabulous way of helping us to know our true self. It’s as if by overcoming our self-doubts and choosing to follow our bliss, we are consciously telling the universe, “Yes, I am ready to accept fully the abundance and magnificence, of that I am, to flow through me and manifest in all ways,” and in this process we catch glimpses of our own godliness along the way.





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