October 10, 2014

Celebrities. {Poem}

Photo: Incase

“A writer’s job is to write, not to prance his ass on stage, not to hope to get laid by the idiotic groupies who also think they are writers.” ~ Bukowski

Leaving the cabin

in three weeks

what if the words stop?

I came here and drowned

couldn’t get the words out fast enough

they flew by

keeping me from sleep

to scribble down a line

a title

for something there are no words for yet

but they will come

I’m a slave driver for the words

They live in the walls

knock abruptly

I’m lucky

10 months

Sitting at this table

words, words, words

I’ve created like a mad woman

some of my best

I could give a damn how it’s received

It’s not why one should write

300 views, 600 thousand views

it doesn’t matter

the only thing that matters is getting the words out so I can breathe

It pays better when the people like it

I like to eat—I guess

that’s all it’s worth

a friend told me the other day I had become a “figure”

a celebrity with a pen of sorts


Because someone you know

that I don’t know

came across my words

on a dinky screen?

Celebrities are just people

I don’t give a damn if someone is famous

I’ll give the man the time of day bagging my groceries

Or a Rockstar

all the same

we’re all just doing our dance

the stars in their eyes

are dangerous

yes those–shed them

imaginary pedestals are useless

come down from their, darling

we’re all down here

Its better here

A young woman replied to my cabin sublet ad

Said she was, “star struck”

I was puzzled

flattered for a nanosecond

annoyed for a minute

Then told her

I wake up like everyone else

with Alice Cooper mosh pit hair

drool stains on my pillows

breath that smells like Koh San Road

there are no celebrities

just people

doing the shit they love

or hate

sometimes people love what they love back

then there’s the people who value sitting next to said “celebrities”

who flake off

with a desperation that reeks

to be seen by cameras with no soul

be a corner in a beauty rag

We should wipe our asses with those

selling crap to those who will eat it

seek company that makes you rich

fills you

those ones

are the real celebrities.

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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: courtesy of the author


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Read 1 comment and reply

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