October 10, 2014

Seasons of a Lost Love. {Poem}

Seasons of Lost Love

Your love was like the summer sun

It scorched my soft skin
It burned through my flesh, my blood, my bones
It went through to my heart
And set it on fire

Your voice was like the hot, violent desert wind
Each time you spoke
The fire spread
 bigger, wilder, untamed
Your touch was like finding an oasis
Amidst the fire, the heat and the wind
It soothed my scorched skin
Steaming and then melting into your body
Who knew that pain could feel so blissful?

Too quickly you were taken away
To live in another land
Your touch was now out of reach
The wind started to cool and it changed its direction
It no longer sounded like your voice

I found myself in a forest of burnt leaves
The leaves started to fall and drift towards the ground
As each leaf touched the cracked earth
A piece of myself would also break
And fall

Autumn told me to let go
She spoke to me in a gentle breeze
Warm colors of orange, amber and red
Still, all I could feel was the breaking
Who knew beauty could feel so painful?

When the last leaf fell
The hollow emptiness of my heart echoed
I saw your love fall from the sky like tiny diamonds
I held my hand out to catch them
I watched them reach my loving palm
And then vanish in an instant

Winter made a promise of no promises
I surrendered my naked body to the snow
Passing out and falling into a dream
The ice burned through my skin, my flesh, blood and bones
It set my heart on fire
And my weak and delirious mind
Felt it as your love
Who knew a dream could be deceivingly real?

The snow melted and the sun kissed my neck
The earth became warm and moist
Green grass sprouted around and beneath me
I sat and watched the meadow
Flower buds rose amidst the grass
I watched each one open
Waiting painfully for your love to appear

Pink, purple, yellow, blue
Shapes and colors never seen before
The elements of spring blessed me
They sang to my senses
A song of new beginnings
Love had been lost somewhere
Somewhere deep in the earth

Deep inside of my soul


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Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock/ Apprentice Editor: Chrissy Tustison

Photo: Flickr

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