October 25, 2014

Two Keys to Creating Fresh Space for Inspiration.

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To be inspired means to be in-spirit.

To be in tune with the highest aspect of ourselves. To momentarily get out of our own way, just enough to allow a flash of in-sight to come through.

Over the years I have found inspiration to be a better way to solve problems than depending on logic alone. In fact, if inspiration defies logic, I’m inclined to defy logic too and go the inspired route.

The trouble with inspiration though, is always being able to tap into it. Effortlessly and whenever it is needed. Sometimes inspiration can be quite elusive—especially when we’re feeling stressed.

But I’ve discovered a formula which I’ve found effective in helping me to connect with it more freely and easily. And the great news is, there are just two simple steps involved.

Step number one is mildly prescriptive: ask to be inspired. Ask for a solution to come through. Ask and let the question go. Don’t try to engage with it in any way. If we do that, our ego will try to answer. And if it’s inspiration we’re after the ego isn’t the one with the answer.

Step number two is where you get to experiment and have fun. I can’t prescribe what exactly you do here, other than this: take a little bit of time to nourish yourself.

Ask yourself what you feel drawn to doing.

When I am seeking inspiration this is what I do: ask for it to come through and then…


Take a nap.

Go for a walk by the sea.

Go somewhere new—even for just an hour.

Go into town, sit in the window of a coffee shop and watch the world go by.

Go for a walk in the woods.

Make a cup of coffee at home and just sit and savour it.

Read a book.

Tune into a favourite radio station and just sit and listen.

Meet a friend and do something fun together.

I choose an activity, or non-activity, that feels good to me in the moment, and I allow myself the time to indulge in it. I’ve given up on scolding myself for “wasting” time...time spent nurturing our wellbeing is never wasted. And making space for inspiration to come through is always productive. We can get so much more done in a lot less time when we’re moving from a place of inspiration rather than effort.

I find it’s far more effective to stop struggling with my mind, frantically trying to find a solution. I ask, release the request and then just allow a higher wisdom to trickle into my consciousness—when it’s good and ready.

Sometimes the inspiration comes through instantly. Sometimes it takes a little longer. (It will definitely take longer if you sit there thinking, “Come on inspiration, I don’t have all day…”)

So after I’ve had my walk, or my nap, or my coffee, I simply get back to whatever I would otherwise be doing. I move back into the normal business of the day-to-day and wait for inspiration to strike. Sooner or later, it always does.

By asking, releasing and then taking just a little bit of time to nourish ourselves, we create space in our consciousness.

Then all we have to do is pay attention to the whispers of our Spirit. We may hear them through the words of a poem, the lyrics of a song, or a snippet of an overheard conversation. Sometimes a friend may mention something in passing that is just what we were looking for. And sometimes we may hear the whispers in our own little heads.

The key to receiving them is to release expectation around where they may come from and how they may look. Be open to being completely surprised, as the sources of inspiration are limitless and the solutions it may offer up are infinite.

Just remember these two little things: ask and allow yourself to receive.

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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Kume Bryant/Pixoto


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