November 18, 2014

5 Lessons from Burning my Diaries.

book buring
I had around eight to 10 personal diaries lying in my closet.

Referring to them frequently had become a habit.

Every page was filled with detailed memories from my past. From the guilt felt while gossiping to the thrill and excitement of my first bike ride were all captured in minute details.

My diaries included my feelings both good and bad about the various people I encountered, the thousand heart breaks, silent tears and everything in between. Those diaries were a reminder of the past and kept shaping my present but served no purpose for future.

Also they added to the clutter in closet and I had to be careful that nobody else would read them.

One fine day I decided to burn decades of my writing and it felt good.

5 lessons from burning my diaries.

1. The clutter is removed and there is space for new.

You free yourself for new experiences by letting go.

2. The papers catch fire easily, all it needs is a small spark.

Burning the past is easy once you decide that you no longer have to continue shaping your present based on your past experiences.

3. The cold winter night felt warm while the pages burnt one after the other.

The present moment feels good, light and full of possibilities when it is free of past.

4. Every memory good and bad in the diary is converted into smoke and ash.

Life is short and we all are going to end up as dust, it is useless holding on to people who left us and stuff that changed. Instead, I am holding on to the positive beliefs and thoughts to nourish my spirit.

5. The wind may cause the ashes to fly around. Hence pouring a little water to settle the residue is a good idea.

Giving yourself the gift of doing things you actually love to do will help settle the subtle feelings that linger around after you have let go.



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Author: Chitra SreemurukanI

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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Read 4 comments and reply

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