November 7, 2014

Asking Pain for its Message.

Resistance to Feeling Bad

You’re never wrong for feeling what you feel.

1. Be grateful for the pain or negative emotion.

Speak to the pain: “Thank you pain for the message you’re trying to give me. Please tell me what the message is. Please also tell me what is the limiting belief, if any, you want me to be aware of.”

2. Sit still, relax and listen.

3. Receive the message.  

State: “Thank you for the message. I will commit to taking that action and removing that limiting belief.”

4. Wait for a response from your body.

5. If the action is simple enough, such as drinking water, take that action immediately.

6. Next state:

“I am committed to (whatever your Heart Virtue is). What can I do to re-align with my Heart Virtue?” If you don’t know your Heart Virtue yet, state instead: “I am committed to my Heart Virtue, what I am born to be. What can I do to re-align with my Heart Virtue?”

7. Listen.

8. Then state:

“Thank you for the message. I will commit to taking that action asap.”

9. Again, if it’s simple enough, take that action immediately.

Otherwise, take the first small step towards completing it.

10. Wait for a response from your body.

11. Finally, state to your body:

“Thank you for the message. Now, that I’ve received the message. I no longer need the pain. So, please leave now.”

Here is an example of how I use this process. The following is a story from my diary.

“I woke up this morning at four am with pain in my right foot, right leg and right butt. As it is my usual practice, I asked that part of my body what message it had for me. I then asked what is the limiting belief it wants me to be aware of.

It then gave me an answer:

In the next few weeks I am about to step into my masculine power in a big way. I am afraid of that because in the past, I have experienced much violence whenever I stepped into my masculine power.

And when I could really feel it, I cried. I wept for my masculine power.

I tried to heal it on my own but I stopped. I have healed a lot of my limiting beliefs in the past two months on my own, but this is one thing I am not willing to do on my own.

It’s just too painful.

I know I could do it. I know how. I have done it for clients. I have done it for myself in the past for other beliefs.

But this one, I just don’t want to do it.

I would like some help. Thanks.”

Here is the follow-up: I eventually released the entire problem to the Holy Spirit and the Arch-Angels.

I felt relieved.

I then spoke to my body: “Thank you for the message. I deeply appreciate it. Now that I’ve got the message, I no longer need the pain as feedback. So, please leave.”

And within a few minutes of me saying that, the pain left.

That day, I received a massage session and the next day, I had a coaching session from a friend (and fellow-coach) who helped me release a lot of the limiting beliefs associated with that area of my life.

I am posting this because this is an actual example of the process I use to communicate with my body to identify limiting beliefs and stuck patterns and release them.

And yes, there are times, even for me, I don’t want to do it myself.

I prefer seeking help.

There are two reasons for this:

1. Others can see my blind spots.
2. There are times when it’s too painful to go through it myself. It’s nice to have a guide and a companion on the journey.

Ultimately, good health is a reflection of your relationship to your own body, your own emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Again, if you’d like some guidance in this area of your life, click here to become part of my community of people living on the cutting edge of health and relationships.




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Author: Kundan Chhabra

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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