November 19, 2014

How to Find Peace.


We are all intelligent and complicated beings and sometimes that works against us.

As we live through life and its obstacles and challenges, our soul becomes burdened by all of our negative experiences. This changes who we truly are and become trapped in our own prison of worry, fear, anger, resentment and hatred.

We lose our real identity, yet we crave so badly to restore the peace we once had. So here are five ways to help you find peace in your life again!

1. Forgive the past

Our past can be haunting. Whether it’s because of the mistakes we have made or the trauma we have experienced, we all know that we cannot change the past. Yet we tend to hold on to the anger, resentment and hurt. We feel incapable of forgiving ourselves or others who have hurt us.

We must release all the negativity that we harbor inside of us that has built up because of our past experiences in order to find peace in our present life. Write everything that you have been carrying inside of you on a piece of paper and then burn it! As you do so, scream out: “I am free!!”

2. Be present in the moment

As humans with complex thoughts, we are usually either thinking of the past or planning the future. The problem we face is that we are unable to change the past and we cannot predict the future. The only part of our lives that we can control is the present!

We are alive in this moment, right now and there is so much beauty in this world that we miss when we are living in our thoughts. So be present and live in the now! Take a deep breath and look around you. You will start noticing things you haven’t before and you will have a more fulfilling life.

3. Release your fears about the future

We all know that the future is unpredictable, yet why do we worry about it so much? Accepting that nothing is permanent in this life can alleviate some of the worry and fear. Being grateful for every moment we have in this world allows us to change our perspective about our future.

The anxiety we carry within us stems from our desire to control our future and we end up wasting precious time in the present moment that could be gratifying our life on so many levels. So release your fears and worries and be grateful for this moment, as you share your love with the people that matter most in your life.

4. Let go of your ego

Our ego is the biggest culprit in stunting our own growth and development as enlightened souls. We are quite often consumed with what others think of us and how we are perceived. We get absorbed in our own problems or vanities while ignoring the feelings of our loved ones. Letting go of our own ego is an essential step to becoming more compassionate and loving. We are all connected in this world, so live it with love and caring to others around you.

5. Be free to live your life

Freedom is the most undervalued possession we have. We are all free, yet we live as prisoners of our own making. We are trapped by the burdens of our past, fears of our future and obsession of our ego. Yet if we are able to step out of this virtual box or prison that we have made for ourselves, we realize that there is a beautiful world out there full of love and peace.

We just have to look with our heart and soul and not our eyes. So step out of your prison and see the world through your new vision to live a more fruitful and peaceful life!

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Author: Dr. Rob Berberian, D.O

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Amanda Bowman/Flickr

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