November 7, 2014

One Dozen Health Benefits of Orgasm.

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Orgasm affects you.

After reading this list, you will be less likely to head for the pill cabinet and more likely to reach out to the person next to you in bed to alleviate an array of ailments such as aches, pains, illness and stress.

The feeling of an orgasm is one of the greatest sensations our bodies can experience.

Women are thought to have up to 11 different types of orgasm, which can differ in intensity from a mild and subtle feeling to an intense and explosive rush of sensations, depending on how our bodies and minds are feeling at the time and also how we feel about the person we are engaged with.

Achieving an orgasm can have an array of health benefits that affect us physically and emotionally—due to the chemical changes that take place within our bodies.

During an orgasm a release of hormones such as oxytocin, vasopressin, endorphins and dopamine are secreted which have powerful mood enhancing and therapeutic effects, as well as benefitting us physically.

In case we need more reasons to enjoy a full blown orgasm, here are a few surprising health benefits of orgasm.

1. Keeps you looking younger.

As we age, testosterone level decrease, however, regular sex releases a plethora of chemicals, which contain testosterone. The hormones that are released include DHEA (Dehyrdoepiandrosterone) which restores skin, repairs damaged tissues keeping skin looking plump and youthful. It also helps to keep our bones and muscles healthy.

2. Relieves pain.

As we orgasm, chemicals known as endorphins are released which are natural pain relievers, alleviating headaches, stomach pains and even arthritis. Orgasms are thought to reduce pain up to 70%. Inflammation and swelling are also known to decrease.

Oxytocin, a peptide that contains nine amino acids also dulls pain, creates a feeling of wellbeing and acts as a natural painkiller.

3. Reduces stress and depression.

The hormone Oxytocin is a powerful stress reliever and is a natural antidote to stress hormones within the body.

When the body climaxes the amygdala, which is the part of the brain responsible for fear and anxiety, is blocked which helps to produce a healthier mental wellbeing. Plus, regular sex and orgasms can be indicative of a happy and healthy relationship, which also boosts the feel-good factor.

4. Increases your memory.

During climax blood circulation is increased which transports nutrients and oxygen to the hypothalamus, which is the centre of the brain for memory and learning, keeping the brain alert.

5. Assists sleep.

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone and endorphins are released during sex causing a sedative effect, allowing the body to relax and let go of tension by lowering blood pressure. This promotes restful and deeper sleep.

6. Makes you more beautiful.

With the flow of pheromones that are emitted during an orgasm and the release of endorphins, which makes cheeks flush, skin appear smoother and hair shinier. We radiate a natural post coital afterglow that can last for days.

7. Protects us from colds and flu. 

Due to the release of antibodies, in particular immunoglobulin A, that naturally boost and increase our immune system, we are less susceptible to colds and flus as our body’s defenses strengthen to fight illness.

8. Reduces appetite/stops craving for junk food.

Serotonin is released giving us a sense of calm and wellbeing and in turn reduces our desire to consume junk food. The secretion of Oxytocin raises levels of CCK, which, helps control the appetite and reduces levels of cortisol known to cause inflammation, boost belly fat and increase carvings for carbs.

The release of dopamine, which increases just before an orgasm, also reduces our appetite, making us less likely to snack between meals. Sex activates the production of phenetylamine, which is a natural amphetamine that helps to regulate our appetite.

9. Burns calories.

As the heart rate increases more calories are burned. While an orgasm itself only burns around three calories, leading up to burns the most. Half an hour of active sex can burn around 150 calories.

Plus, muscles all over the body are toned in the process.

10. Detoxes the body.

Due to perspiration during sex we naturally flush out toxins as our blood flow increases. Sweating causes an overall lymphatic massage and also releases skin-nourishing oils.

11. Boosts our sense of smell.

After climax our bodies release a hormone known as prolactin which causes stem cells in the brain to grow new neurons in the olfactory bulb, where smell is formed. This in turn increases our sense of smell.

12. Increases bonding and love hormones.

Oxytocin released during orgasms facilitates social bonding, intimacy and attachment bringing two people closer when they experience sexual pleasure together.

The more frequently we orgasm, the more health benefits we receive.

Whether we self-pleasure, using our hands or with a vibrator or we are in a sexual relationship of any kind, achieving an orgasm can increase our overall physical health, looks and wellbeing.

As we’re heading into the winter months it’s the perfect time to increase the amount of orgasms we experience and put all these methods to the test and discover how much better we look and feel.

Not only does orgasm feel amazing, there are also endless health benefits.

Do we need any more convincing?


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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

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