November 17, 2014

What a New Paradigm of Love Means for the World.


“Love is the most durable power in the world.” ∼ Martin Luther King, Jr.


“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”  ∼ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I believe that Love is connection and we are all globally connected.

I believe that love is the thing that breathes for one to feel alive.

To love in a new paradigm means that we are aware enough to look at our current state and understand our stance about love, to be conscious enough to ask ourselves the question of how do we love?

Love is a indeed a transcending connection and each of us have an impact that we make by how we love.

To love in intimacy with our beloved, to love biologically with flesh and blood relations, to love in growth as in friendships and acquaintances.

it is our duty to step into the realization that with each moment we feel love and loved, with each experience of love through consciousness we are able to realize that we contribute to the state and being of the world.

The new paradigm of love lies in our awareness to see love as our contribution for a more loving and better state of being of the world. The acknowledgement that our love counts and our love matters is the most crucial level of mindfulness we can cultivate.

There are many things that show that we are more interconnected with each other at a fundamental level than we realize or previously thought. For instance, I can be thinking of calling my mother and in just that moment, my phone rings and guess who? Its my mother whom I was just thinking about calling.

Are we connected or what?


What do we think about the idea that What we do on the individual level really does affect a global environment?

I recently came across a documentary titled “I Am” by Director Tom Shadyac,

I’d been looking for documentaries with themes of enlightenment, happiness building a culture of connectedness. This particular documentary did my quest justice, and I was pleased with it’s insightful observation.

The documentary concludes as follows:

“We started by asking what’s wrong with the world and instead we discovered what’s right with the world: the science of connection and unity, the universal nature of compassion and empathy, the mystery of magic and the human heart.” ~ from the documentary “I am” by Tom Shadya 

The new idea and paradigm of love is towards the motivation of loving at an individual level to enact a ripple effect, to create change in a universal and global way. The reason is because everything stems from love, and the change we desire on a personal level to be able to create for our selves, for our families and for others can only happen unless there is love that exists within us.

Love brings a certain freedom to the mind, when we can just think about operating from that standpoint of love because it doesn’talways happen automatically; it is something that requires us to practice through consciousness.

Anger, jealousy, anxiety, pain and all the several contradicting emotions against love are all things we are also capable of feeling—so how can one mind feel these range of emotions and the same mind feel love as well? Our constant emerging desire is to be conscious and aware enough to operate more from a place of love than those other emotions.

When we operate more from a place of love, what kind of changes can we then expect to see even in our fundamental daily living without even being worried about the global scale just yet?

1. We can expect to feel at peace with our conscience.

We are at peace because when there is no love in our conscious mind, then the alternative is war. War in our minds wrestling the demons of negative thinking, self-doubts, hate  and anger towards those that have offended us, anxiety about what we should be doing next to move forward and so on.

2. We can expect to feel more free.

To release contradicting emotions like hate and anger is to find freedom to experience love.

3. We can expect to create a change and feel more alive.

Change for the better and for improvement on any scale is something I see our hearts drawing towards; to create a change for ourselves and in our world. How can we expect to create a change in the lives of other without consenting to love first? To seek to change is to consent to love.


We create love through our desire for change individually, to emerge as better versions of ourselves each day, and our desire to change on a global scale is affected by our individual choices.

We create love through Consciousness, a change of mind, a change in perception, a clear definition of ourselves, and world change.

In the words of Gandhi: “Love is a force and it’s a force that has power.”

In an interview, Archbishop Desmond Tutu asked “How does change happen?” and he answered “Change happens because you are concerned, you are concerned and you are concerned; and then it becomes this coalition, a coalition that becomes this movement and it overcomes apartheid.”




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Author:  Adedayo Fahanu

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: courtesy of the author 



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