December 16, 2014

Are We Adding Fuel to the Fire or Enhancing the Sh*t Storm?


In response to certain kinds of stressors, I am operating Below the Line!

What does that mean? Allow me to expand.

Think of The Line as the exact point of neutrality. Above The Line equates to (=) coming at life from an energy of acceptance, forgiveness, responsibility, cooperation, peace, wisdom, joy and creation (to name a few things).

For instance, if we are coming at aspects of life from an energy that heals, expands and fosters growth, it is constructive energy.

Below the Line equates to (=) coming at life from an energy of lack, blame, resentment, anger, defense, victimization.

Coming at aspects of life from an energy that drains and depletes our growth. Contracting or Destructive energy cannot bring healing, resolution or growth.

Constructive, Growth-inspiring energy

———————-“The Line”—————————-

Contracting, depleting energy 

The last year of my life has brought incredible opportunities to better understand how I approach various aspects of my life.

As is always the case with the lovely-balanced Yin Yang of life, there is “good” news and “bad” news, it turns out I view and come at many aspects of my life in a constructive, creative and expanding/evolving manner.

Additionally, there are aspects of my life where I am responding in a manner that does not lend itself to constructive, upward movement. In fact, this ‘energy’ is the very energy that has us feeling that very palpable sense of being stuck. It make sense: when marinating in blame, victimization, defense (or in a fashion that is similarly depleting) it feels and thus is downright impossible to affect any ‘movement’ at all.

Okay. So, then what?

For today, perhaps we begin this powerful conversation by merely accepting that we have areas and aspect of life around which we are triggered to come at things from Below the Line.

Yep. Done. It Is What It Is.

What areas have you tripping and falling Below the Line?

Our awareness and acceptance of such things is the quickest way to bring ourselves back to neutrality.

Taking things just one step further, in addition to holding gentle awareness around those areas that send us Below the Line, perhaps we also set a powerful intention to merely watch ourselves when operating Below the Line. At these times we can choose to refrain from taking action or holding important conversations.

I’d like to share my personal intention(s) for taking this one step further. My husband and I have begun conversing on this topic and how we can help each other to maintain neutrality around those areas that send each of us (individually or collectively) Below the Line. We’re playing with holding each other accountable to a state of neutrality when attempting to have dialogue.

If either of us trips Below the Line, we table our conversation attempts until we can come at things from a neutral, or, better yet, constructive space/place.

Game on!

Here’s to beginning with simple awareness of The Line.

May we forge ahead in all areas and aspects of life with large doses of amusement. When our buttons get pushed, amusement seems damn helpful! Smiles!


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Author: Julie Larkin

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Flickr Commons Public Domain 



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