December 10, 2014

Commerce. {Poem}

shopping grafton

The balance of delay, what is there to do today?
Are my deeds or words the makings of important things to say?
While work will count the minutes of the hours in a day,
Are successes and the failures both worthwhile and worth the pay?

If the stillness of a moment were to capture every sense,
lost amid the air of living, no more debt and no expense.
Does the burden of the mountain held aloft with no relent
Make you wonder what the price of moments lost without lament?

Is our friendly mate of commerce one a spouse we just accept?
Knowing well our flesh will render, muscle drain, and bones bereft?
A life-long pyramid hoping one day it will end
An illusion of tomorrow at the price of Now we rend.


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Author: Andrew Bell

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Ben & Kaz Askins/Flickr

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