December 18, 2014

False End. {Poem}

alone 2
I’m smiling at a door that’s been shut…

Knowing that doors only exist in the linear world
And that loss is a mirage in a vacant desert
For even if we appear to be alone
We’re only as alone as we perceive ourselves to be
And sometimes, to disconnect is to connect to a higher purpose

I’m laughing at a clock that recently stopped ticking…
Smirking at a machine that didn’t actually keep track of time
Even when the hands were still spinning

I’m smiling at a finish line…
Knowing that the race is never finished in the heart of the racer
A drawer that won’t close all the way
Because some drawers can’t be closed all the way
A fan that sits still
Though kept in motion by the Earth’s rotation
Scissors that are too dull to cut
Or maybe it’s the thing that doesn’t want to be cut

I’m laughing at a clock that just started ticking…
Smirking at a man-made machine
Which can only keep track of man-made time

I’m smiling at a door that’s been shut…
Knowing that what makes a door a door
Is the fact that it has hinges
And even if locked tight
Every lock has a key

What makes it not the end
Is that it was there before it began


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Author: AJ Oryan Landa

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr, flickr

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