I’m Holding Out for a Love Like This.

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I’ll hold out, but I won’t hold on.

There is a love waiting so very patiently until the moment is right or wrong.

Love will be there right when I am ready. Or when I least expect it.

There are a million loves out there, but one that is true? So rare.

Love isn’t just found in recognition—old patterns can catch me out.

If it seems too familiar, I will be questioning. I don’t want to be snared in old traps that lie in wait.

I’ll listen carefully and I’ll pay attention—what is it telling me and are the tales hurtful and damaging? No time for those, thank you love, but I’ll walk on by.

When love shows me who they are—I will believe it.

If it is cruel and twisted and rips at old wounds? No thank you. I’ll take a love that soothes.

When the love takes off its mask, which it will do in time, I won’t be afraid to look. Who is behind it and why are they there?

I’ve seen that love can be full of old tricks and promises and all of the things that I thought I ever wanted. But what I think I want isn’t always what I need.

So, thank you love, for visiting, but I’ll wait for a love that is worthy.

I’ll hold out for one who reads with me when I can’t sleep at night.

And one who sings while showering, most likely out of tune.

I’ll dance with the love who holds me tight and whispers crazy desires to take me from reality straight to fantasy.

I’m holding for the one who bakes with me and drinks wine while playing Dean Martin records on a Sunday afternoon.

The love that tells me every morning how I make their world a different place.

A love with smooth strong hands, but a stronger backbone.

I’m waiting and waiting for the kind of love who talks with me, questions and listens and pays attention.

The one who won’t forsake me when the skies are black with a storm heading our way.

I want a love that spins silky webs to lie with me cocooned for days.

The kind that makes the blood rush through my veins alerting me to life.

The type of love I will ache for and also aches for me.

A love that will walk through wilderness, neither of us knowing where we’re heading.

I’m waiting for a love that questions and challenges me and takes my mind to places it never knew.

One whose lips can feel so tender but also so rough.

One who plays and adventures and laughs and cries.

One that is complex and unravels and then winds back up again.

A love whose truth is not spoken but shown.

The one whose body resonates with mine when we hit the same key.

And one that stretches and bends but will be impossible to break.

I’ll take a simple love, but one that can be complicated too.

I want a love that is not waiting, but is busy preparing.

I’m holding for a love that is holding and knows that one moment, one day, maybe right now or maybe forever away, we will hold on to each other, and we will be worth the wait.

If holding out for this love doesn’t go so well, try this:

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: James Morely/Flickr

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denise brandi Jan 4, 2015 3:47pm

Thank you beautiful one, for articulating what I know to be true in my deep soul space. That when the moment is ripe, divine romance will surely enter. That it is worth waiting for. That it is not necessary to repeat old patterns and to just be in the flow of the dance of the Universe. Many blessings to you. Namaste, Denise

Kari Jan 4, 2015 12:31am

I think this is wonderful…all of it.

miles Jan 2, 2015 9:49am

I liked your message about holding out for “love”- quite an idealist, as I am & like to believe there is “one” out there for me.
You forgot to mention, “and has a lot of money, etc.”
I find that most women talk about wanting a simple love and all that entails, but, in the end, nature compels you all to choose security (retirement, savings, corporate job, etc.) over adventure (living pay check to pay check b/c “he” chooses not to “sell his soul” to corporateness, freedom to travel on a shoestring, etc.)
OR as I saw on a bumper sticker one time, “All the good men are either taken or gay”
Cool name (“Myles”)

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