December 11, 2014

Jyotish Full Moon Wisdom for the Waning Moon Cycle + Creative Ritual.

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*Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is one of the oldest sciences on the planet and considered a relative of astronomy. It is an important and valuable part of the ancient Vedic texts. This complex, logic-based, and also intuitive science, has survived thousands of years in India’s Vedic tradition and is still considered a highly valuable tool of guidance and life insight. It is not a religion, but rather a philosophical understanding of human and cosmic existence. In Sanskrit, Jyoti means light. Essentially, the study of jyotish is the study of light and how we interact with the cosmic light- within us and within the cosmos. Vedic astrology, or the sidereal approach to astrology, casts charts differently than Western, or Tropical astrology. The meanings, implications, and purpose of jyotish is therefor different, as are the details used for prediction and the indications given below.



The full Moon occurs on December 6th at 06:26 am CST, while in Taurus and Rohini nakshatra. Moon will be in its mulitrikona degrees, meaning that it can express itself energetically at 75 percent.

This is a very full emotional body cup, and we will feel it!

Moon in Taurus at the time of the full Moon, will receive gaze from Rahu as well as three planets still transiting Scorpio, the Moon’s debilitation sign. Saturn, Mercury, Sun are all looking at the Moon directly. Hours before the full Moon, Venus jumps into Sagittarius, and is still in very young degrees. The portal between Scorpio and Sagittarius in other words, is open. Venus being a planet of water, it correlates to our inner waters, our creative flow, the streams of love within us.

These parts of our being will feel delicate before, during and after the full Moon, especially because Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, where our full emotional body is transiting.

This full Moon brings us a certain intensity and exemplifies extremes. We may be feeling a sense of both fullness and emptiness simultaneously, and the discomfort and uneasiness that this offers. We may be asking ourselves consciously or subconsciously, “is my cup half full or half empty?!” And though we may be aware of this incongruence, we may not have an answer for this. It is a time of many questions, yet few answers. Linger in the questions and allow yourself to hold them in your being, without forcing conclusions at this time.

The intention for this full Moon is: If you can dream it, you can create it.

With a mulitrikona Moon solidly placed in the extremely creative star, Rohini, the many creative blessings of of Lord Brahma and by default, his consort Goddess Saraswati, are enlivened. This divine couple expresses their influence through manifestation—manifestation from creativity, creative intelligence, and our divine essence which is cosmic creative life force, or shakti. It is on this level of our sacred being that we maximize our potential, not only as a divine being, but as a human being. On this plane of existence, we are here to create our lives, to manifest our dreams into reality, to learn how to create, to literally bring the unmanifest into manifest form. We do this through our first and second chakras.

This is the power of being embodied. We can’t think our dreams into reality, but we can feel and sense our dreams into reality. This is why I am so passionate about somatic awareness and embodiment work. Read more about manifesting through your second chakra.

The coming waning Moon cycle brings us opportunities to fill our cup in new ways, by being creative, extraordinary, and exerting our powerful shakti. Our willingness to embrace our divine creative powers will determine what types of accomplishments, and to what degree, our tasks take root and become manifest. These new roots, however, will come by uprooting and discarding the old, outworn and unhealthy parts of our lives. We can not expect to create our new life with old seeds.

With willingness, courage and consistent steps, you can manifest your dreams into reality. Use the potency of this waning cycle to make strides, plant seeds and affirm what your heart desires in the coming year. Remember that we gain the awareness we need for actualizing our dreams by sensing and feeling them, not just thinking them. Essentially, feel your dreams into reality over the next two weeks.

Winter Solstice and the New Moon are on December 21st while four planets are in Sagittarius, including Moon and Sun, both in the powerful nakshatra of Mula. This will be an intense time of uprooting which many of us are already feeling. We are already preparing for this cycle at this time.

*Full Moon Chart

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.46.52 AM

Creative Ritual for the Waning Moon Cycle

1) The Life Pulse. Standing, sense your feet connecting to the surface beneath you. Begin moving with a gentle pulse by bending your knees—opening and closing them—allowing your entire body to respond as you do. Sensing through feet and self tracking from feet to pelvis and then into the spine. Bring presence and awareness to the relationship your legs and feet have with your pelvic bowl, as well as the relationship between spine and pelvic bowl.

Next, take your pulse into a walk. Use your pulse to take steps forward, side to side and backward. Experiment, play and explore the movements and functionality of your pelvis as you play with the pulse.

Do this for ten minutes at least. I encourage you to work with your pulse daily—even when standing in line or walking. Keep building your awareness, depth and sensory skills with practice. Continue to invite in these questions as you explore the pulse: What am I sensing? What am I feeling? What am I imagining?

2) Pelvis Image. Create an image of your pelvis. Use craypas and a large piece of paper to create this image. Let colors, shapes, textures, images etc come out onto the page. This is not a literal drawing, but an expression of your pelvis. Do not sensor this image, just let it come forth from your sensing, feeling and imagining. Take at least 20 minutes for this drawing. You can continue to add to it a bit every day if you choose and let it be a process rather than complete in one sitting. When your image feels complete, title it. Then ask it to share with you.

3) Harvesting. In your journal, answer these questions as you look at your pelvis image:

If your image could speak, what would it tell you?

Let your image answer these questions: I am, I want, I need.

What am I stepping toward? What am I stepping away from?

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