December 13, 2014

Rebirthing to Reach our Highest Potential.


We are born into this world in our most pure and simple state.

Then we grow up.

We fall down, feel hurt, fail and get our hearts broken in more ways than we could ever imagine.

Others try to shame us and put us down because they have also felt unbearable pain—they’ve forgotten they have a choice in how to go on.

If we don’t leap out of this cycle, we get stuck, spinning faster and faster until insecurity morphs into hazy hate.

This is a common condition of being human and we cannot protect others from this fate.

But we can lead by example. We can show our loved ones the way we choose to rise above the noise.

Because there’s a lot of noise. So much static. Every day, every hour, every minute and second there’s static.

The constant, negative vibrations that thrive in static can overwhelm and suffocate even the strongest souls. Especially a soul in the depths of despair and distress.

And this is why we babies, we wee children of the Universe, need each other.

We are nothing without the support of positive community. Talking, dancing, singing and healing is best done with witnesses.

When we exhale hate, shame, guilt, fear—the special light we carry inside shines and glows brighter. There is not a single living thing that does not have this light. It just gets dim and buried as we grow because life can be much harder than any of us expected.

But if we dig deep, we can shine again and when others bear witness to our authentic transformation, our light begins to guide those that need a nudge. Our enthusiasm for life becomes contagious and spreads.

We tend to glorify leaders in the health and wellness industry because we crave the possibility of feeling whole and healed. These leaders seem irresistible and magnetic.

We may unconsciously think we want to be them. But maybe that’s not the case. Maybe we want to rediscover the qualities within ourselves that allow our own souls to shine as brightly as those we admire.

How do we do that?

By doing the work of going back to the beginning.

By sifting through past and present patterns of survival and weeding out what no longer serves our highest potential.

By taking on the tremendous courage, strength and self-compassion to heal.

By facing your 10, 17, 35, 58 year-old self and saying,

“Yes. You have been and will be ripped to shreds and sewn back together so many times in this life. And you are still deeply loved. You are capable of greatness beyond your wildest imagination not in spite of what’s happened to you but because of it.”

Be brave. Exercise your power of choice. Entertain a shift in perspective and thank the Universe for every single little occurrence. Shine brighter than ever before, just as you did at birth. Pure. Simple.


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Author: Megan Morris

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: used with permission by Jodi Fowler


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