December 9, 2014

Welcome to the Friend Zone: We Have Pizza. {Adult}


Ah, the friend zone.

I’ve written about it before. We’ve all been there, on one side or the other. It’s not very fun. But… the not-fun-ness of it might just be in our heads.

Listen to this awesome spoken word poetry by Desiree Dallagiacomo and Justin Lamb.

The first part of the poem does a pretty good job of explaining the problems of the friend zone. For instance, real friendship doesn’t include expectations. Friendship isn’t real friendship if you think it entitles you to something!

But I really like this poem because of the new definition of the friend zone.

The friend zone shouldn’t be some awful purgatory of frustrated romance–it should be the most awesome place ever!

And thanks to these two, the new awesome version of the friend-zone now comes with it’s own theme song!

C’mon, sing it with me!

“Hangin’ with my friends in the friend-zone,

Where everyone gets a high five.

There’s a lot of pizza here,

And we’re happy to be alive!


Now, doesn’t that feel a lot better?

We all need more friends. More real friends, not posers who secretly want something in return. So, let’s be real. Let’s take back the friend zone from its negative association and make it the new cool place to be. Let’s be genuine with each other, be real friends.

All aboard the good ship, Friendship!


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Author: Kathryn Muyskens

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photo: luiscunha at Flickr

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