December 9, 2014

Writing Chapters in a Book Called Life.

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Our journey through this life plays out much like a storybook.

Some books will be thicker, some thinner.

Some will require much thought and discussion, and others will be an easy read.

I had an occurrence recently, which, for me spelt the final words in one voluminous chapter, a page turning moment in my book of life. While fixed dates and events have their own powerful way of bringing an end to stages and stories, we also individually possess the power to write the endings of our chapters—when we’re ready.

What we take away from those chapters will mark the defining moments in our stories.

With this in mind, I’ve made a few notes that I’m happy to share.

1. The best takeaway from each chapter will be the lessons learned.

Take the necessary time to reflect. What was the key takeaway, how did you grow, what did you discover that you hadn’t known before? How have you come out stronger, kinder, wiser from it?

If we don’t take heed of the lessons, we will be consigned to repeat some chapters again and again, re-living familiar dramas and pain in what can feel like a time loop where the same things keep happening over and over again like déjà vu.

We do this until we take the necessary time to stop, reflect (mourn, if needed) and confirm to oneself which valuable lessons we’ve gathered from this chapter of our lives.

And never forget them.

2. Each chapter presents a chance to cleanse.

Every significant change in our lives can dig up unpleasant feelings, the stark reality of what we’re leaving behind, the unknown that rips away our broken-in comfort.

Yet when we confidently step beyond this and are able to let go, we realise there is a whole new world awaiting and a chance for us to start anew. With this comes a choice: we either drag all the old baggage with us into this new space, or we consciously decide to let it go, cut our ties and moving forward. It’s a decision we all eventually have to make (and trust me, even a conscious in-decision will have repercussions!).

Will we continue to hold on long after something is done and dusted, or will we step into this new light with fresh eyes and an open heart and mind?

The choice rests with you.

3. Some sagas drag on and seem to last an eternity.

They have a ‘stuck in a time loop’ effect. Yes, we’re all familiar with these, the chapters that just don’t come to a close. Seek them out, don’t be dispirited! Don’t hide away and hope the chapter and its issues disappear on their own. This relentless repetition simply means that you still have unfinished business there, that there are things waiting for you, further beneficial lessons which will make you stronger.

Step towards that.

The sooner you’re able to grasp the lessons, acknowledge and understand them and do the necessary emotional work, the sooner you can move on. Promise. Once you’ve got your key takeaways, there won’t be much to hold you down in that space.

4. Events in our ever-unfolding stories serve as a brilliant reminder that as with all chapters that must eventually come to a close, likewise all books have an ending.

As with the most difficult ones, the best and most memorable chapters will also come to a close. Nothing is permanent except change. So use your time wisely; if it’s a difficult time, see the points above and recall that all things (good and bad) will end. Practice patience and compassion. Likewise, enjoy the precious moments that leave you deliriously high on life, proud of your achievements, free as a bird. You deserve it, now.

5. Finally, practice gratitude.

For your lessons, for your experiences, for your achievements and for the setbacks. After all, we’re lucky to be here—we’re the one in something-million that made it to the egg.



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Author: Kristina Kardum

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: via the author 



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