January 27, 2015

30 Day Startup Video Blog, Day 2: 3 Things that Inspired Me to Shake Up My Business.

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Today’s video blog covers the three points of inspiration that pushed me to shake up my business.

If you missed yesterday’s video blog, check it out at Truth and Consequences: My 30 Day Startup Video Blog (Day 1).

First a quick clarifying note: it was pointed out to me yesterday that it wasn’t totally clear exactly what my business, JETT Digital does. JETT Digital is a creative agency focusing on producing inventive content and marketing strategy for businesses in the health, wellness, and environmental space.


Today’s Video Blog: Timing is Everything 


Casey Neistat “There are two rules that I always adhere to and that is to work hard and be brave.”

“Life shrinks and expands in direct proportion to ones willingness to take on risk”

Ira Glass on the Creativity Gap

From David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.



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Author: Jeanne Eisenhaure

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photos videos: via the author / Youtube stills 

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Jeanne Eisenhaure

A pragmatic idealist with a background in creative production and communications, Jeanne has seen firsthand how for-profit businesses can be vehicles for social and environmental improvement in addition to creating long-term sustainable financial growth. Jeanne works with her creative agency Jett DIGiTAL to produce creative content and strategic commutations strategies for businesses who want to change the world for the better. Why just build a business, when you can build a movement?

Learn more about Jeanne and connect with her on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and her favorite platform YouTube. Discover her latest thoughts on creative production, marketing, and using business strategy for social good on her blog at Jett DIGiTAL. Follow Jett DIGiTAL on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo for their latest projects.