January 28, 2015

30 Day Startup Video Blog, Day 3: Why Did I Agree to Do 30 Days of Vlogs?

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If you’ve missed the last two vlogs on what I’m doing here’s a quick recap: I’m doing a 30 day video blog series on Elephant Journal Called Truth or Consequences: My 30 Day Startup Video Blog on my experience re-launching my business from the ground up.

Watch Day 1 and Day 2 first if you want a bit more context.

Today after spending several hours editing and promoting these vlogs I had a huge moment of regret on my vlogging commitment: How am I going to work on my business if I’m just working on vlogs about working on my business (so meta)?

Luckily, I was able to go to an energetic yoga class this evening at and burn off my stress and anxiety.

Once I was thinking clearly, I sat down and reshot day three again in one take. I know I’ll get this process down and it won’t be so time consuming… practice, practice, practice right? That’s what I recommended in my last vlog.

On to my Day 3 Vlog on Vlogging.

I want your help with my business! So I’m going to keep putting out questions to the community. Two from this video:

  • Any recommendations on a template for a business plan? I’ve played around with Business Model Canvas, but would love to know your thoughts or templates you have used! Please comment with suggestions.

Jeanne Eisenhaure 30 Day Vlog

Quick hits on the project management tools I mentioned that I didn’t include in the vlog:

  • Plan your to-dos the night before… I don’t always do this, but I am much more productive when I do.
  • Use a timer to limit the amount of time you spend checking email in the morning 15 min, 30 min, an hour. Whatever length you need so you don’t waste your whole day checking email.
  • Do your least favorite work first thing!
  • Use a project management tool. Right now I’m happy with Trello. It’s free and very simple to manage.

Interesting Inc. article on the false reality of entrepreneurship How Entrepreneurship Has Been Turned Into ‘Airbrushed Reality.’

Finally, that sassy guy at the end is my boyfriend Dan, if you want to see a fun adventure we had watch my Telluride New Years Video. I like the word ‘vlog’ what do you think? Is it really the ‘zip-off pants’ of the internet?



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