January 15, 2015

44 Genius Benefits of Coconut Oil.


Coconut oil is fast becoming known as a miracle oil.

This is due to the incredible number of benefits it can have on almost every part of our bodies.

Not only does it provide so many different physical and internal health benefits, it smells delicious too. The reason it has become so popular is that recent scientific research has proven that despite being high in saturated fats, it is actually extremely good for us.

Now coconut oil is becoming the chosen substitute for almost everything in the bathroom cabinets.

The lists for its uses seem endless, but here are my favourite uses for coconut oil, which can all be easily integrated so they soon become daily practice.

1. Skin exfoliator: Mix together two tablespoons of coconut oil with three tablespoons of sugar.

2. Moisturiser: Apply direct to the whole body, paying extra attention to dry areas.

3. Acne: It can reduce effects of marks and scars on the face. Apply direct with a little warm water and massage into the skin and then rinse for a deep cleanse.

4. Eye cream: Apply under the eyes and onto eyelids to smooth lines and creases. (Be careful not to ger too close to the eyes.)

5. Hands: Rub onto hands to keep hands soft.

6. Hair conditioner: Mix coconut oil with a little warm water.

7. Leave in hair conditioner: To give an intensive treatment, apply directly, wrap hair in a warm damp towel and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse.

8. Dry ends: Apply a little to dry ends of the hair and leave in all day.

9. Eye make up remover: Apply directly with a cotton wool ball.

10. Cuticles: Apply directly to nail cuticles.

11. Massage oil: Use all over the body to give a sensual massage.

12. Moisturise lips: Apply direct to soothe chapped lips.

13. Cooking: Use in baking, as a butter supplement or as an oil for stir frys.

14. Age spots:  Coconut oil lightens age spots when rubbed directly onto the skin.

15. Shave cream: It heals and soothes the skin after shaving.

16. Rejuvenating skin: The vitamin E in it makes skin looks more radiant.

17. Preventing ageing: Full of antioxidants, coconut oil helps the body fight oxidation.

18. Sunscreen: It protects against UV rays and prevents burning, although it has an SPF of approximately three to four, so use with caution.

19. Sunburn: Once initial burning has calmed, use it to soothe skin.

20. Cracked heels: Apply directly to provide relief to cracks.

21. Foot bath: Add coconut oil to warm water and have a relaxing foot soak.

22. Dry feet: Mix with salt to remove dry skin.

23. Overnight facial moisturiser: Apply a little more than usual for a more intensive treatment.

24. Varicose veins: Applying directly can help to reduce and fade marks.

25. Athlete’s foot: Use directly to fight fungus.

26. Allergies: Rub on the inside of the nose to alleviate symptoms of allergies.

27. Stretch marks: Apply directly to prevent and fade stretch marks.

28. Deodorant: Apply directly to prevent over perspiration and body odors.

29. Teeth whitener: Mix with baking soda for a natural teeth whitener.

30. Colds/flus: Add a spoonful to tea to alleviate symptoms.

31. Coffee: Add a teaspoon to coffee for a delicious, nutritious drink. Use a blender to mix for a smoother taste.

32. Mosquito bites: Coconut oil can help to reduce itchiness caused by the bites.

33. Personal lubricant: It’s safe for intimate areas for both males and females during sex and it smells great.

34. Frizzy hair: Use to smooth down and control loose strands.

35. Softens leather: Rub a small amount to keep leather supple.

36. Smoothies: Mix in a teaspoon full to add nutrients.

37. Cold sores: Apply directly to the cold sore regularly.

38. Energy boost: A teaspoon full can give a natural boost when needed.

39. Add to porridge: It provides energy and nutrient boost, tastes delicious and is believed to reduce hunger pangs.

40. Scars: Apply to scars to reduce visible effects and promote healing.

41. Spread: Mix with honey and spread on toast or bagels.

42. Oil pulling: Pull, push and swish around one tablespoon of oil around the mouth and between teeth for as long as possible (approximately 15-20 minutes). This process sucks out and removes harmful bacteria that can hide in the gums and teeth. Ensure you spit the fluid out when finished swilling. This freshens breath, whitens teeth and keeps gums healthy.

43. Improves blood cholesterol: The saturated fats in the oil raises good cholesterol.

44. Furniture polish: Especially on cots and child-friendly surfaces as it is natural and safe.

Incredibly, there are far more benefits of coconut oil that those listed above. This list is just some of the more commonly uses that can be added to everyday routines.

Better still, it can be purchased organically, which is another added benefit.

I purchase a large tub and am amazed at how long it’s lasted.

It has rid my cabinets of endless plastic packaging from various different lotions, saved me money as I’m not buying endless “miracle” potions and prevented me from being exposed to harmful chemicals in products I was previously using.
I cannot recommend it enough.

If anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to add them to the comments section to share further.

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Author: Alexsandra Myles

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Wikimedia

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